Friday, November 9, 2018

Why Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned Out?

Owning a home or property comes with a wide range of responsibilities and maintenance requirements. One of these requirements is the basic upkeep of the HVAC unit. You may be wondering why you should have the duct work cleaned out if the unit is working properly. There are quite a few reasons why the air ducts should be cleaned out. Some of these reasons include:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pet dander and hair
  • Allergies
  • Mold
  • Efficiency for running the HVAC unit

Dust and Dust Mites
Air ductwork is an ideal place for dust and dust mites to gather. Every time you turn your system on the dust and dust mites are being filtered out and through the vents in your home. If you live in an area with a lot of new build construction and enjoy having your windows open you may experience quite a bit of dust and dust mite build up in your air ducts.

Pet Dander and Hair
It does not matter if you have a dog or a cat, the dander and hair can drift into the air duct work. If you have floor vents and your pet enjoys lying near these vents the hair can slip through the slots of the vent. A professional yearly ductwork cleaning by GreenPro Cleaning or your local cleaning company is recommended every 1-2 years if you do have pets. This will remove pet hair and dander from the vent into your home.

If you or a family member suffer from allergies you will greatly benefit from having your air ductwork professionally cleaned by GreenPro Cleaning every 1-2 years. It only takes a few hours to have the duct work cleaned and all potential allergens are removed.

Mold can actually grow inside of the air duct work. Many houses have ductwork in the basement. Some basements are susceptible to seepage, leaking and even flooding. If water becomes trapped in the air ductwork a mold can begin to grow.


Cleaning an HVAC system's air ducts will prevent clogs. This general maintenance will keep the system running smoothly. Cleaned air vents can prevent damage to the HVAC unit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Unique Things to Do with a Crawl Space

With the price you're paying for your home, making sure you get the most out of your square footage is essential. Many people have crawlspaces that are simply unused when there are many creative ways they can repurposed. Instead of just letting your crawlspace be wasted space, here are some ideas of what you can do instead: 

• More Storage Space 

Renovating your crawlspace into a basement is the perfect solution when you need extra space in your home. This opens up a wide variety of possibilities, from using it as simple storage to converting it into a family living space. In fact, a crawlspace isn't much different than a basement already, as it is just shorter and lacking a finished floor. To successfully convert your crawlspace into a basement, excavation, insulation, and a vapor barrier will be required. 

• Extra Bedroom 

Having an extra bedroom in your home is always a great idea. However, unlike converting your crawlspace into basement storage, a bedroom will require more renovation. First of all, you need to make sure your furnace is up for the task so it doesn't get too cold. Also, you need to be especially careful of moisture, which can lead to mold. This calls for having a professional contractor you can rely on for quality service. 

• Playspace For Kids 

If you have kids, you know they sometimes need extra space to play and make a mess. Converting your crawlspace into a kid's playroom is the perfect solution. This way your kids can have the space they need to explore without getting in your way and making a mess in your living space. 

• Art Studio Or Workshop 

Converting your crawlspace into an art studio or other kind of workshop is also a great idea. In this instance, you may not need to renovate as fully as you would for a bedroom as you won't have the same requirements. This is something which you might have difficulty making space for in the rest of your home, so this is an ideal choice. 

Whatever you decide to do with your crawlspace, calling GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration should be your first move. We're capable of addressing the most common issues you'll find with your crawlspaces, which includes moisture, debris removal, and lack of insulation. 

We can even provide service to crawlspaces that have odors from bacteria. If you're ready to make the most of your space, don't hesitate to contact the experts at GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Four Tips for Fall Cleaning

Autumn can signal a time for us to get our homes ready for the long winter ahead. Pulling out sweaters and flannel sheets and putting away summer items for the winter sleep can be quite the task. Many people feel they often forget to do something before the cold weather hits, however, by following these tips you can be sure you and your home will be ready for the cold streak ahead. Let's take a look at four tips that can help you prepare for winter.

Clean the Gutters

Since the days are now getting shorter and the nights cooler. Leaves are beginning to fall at a rapid rate. Now makes the perfect time to get your roof gutters cleaned out. Autumn rain will soon mix with leaves and you will want to ensure your homes does not accumulate water damage from overfilled or faulty gutters.

Furnace Filter

Your furnace has sat all summer long, unused. Dust and dander have collected upon it and this includes the filter. Always be sure to replace your filter before starting it up in the coming weeks.

For those who suffer from allergies or asthma, cleaning the filter is a necessary process for the health of their lungs. If you are unsure about what type of filter your furnace requires, be sure to employ the help of a profession. Places such as GreenPro Cleaning can help you obtain information on how to correctly replace your furnace filter.

Clean your Furnace Vents

Cleaning your vents can be a large project. Many of us often overlook the importance of cleaning the HVAC system in our homes. However, to keep dust, dander, and debris from floating around your home at a minimum, and to ensure proper heat flow, it is vital that you get your vents cleaned before the cold hits. A professional company can aid in the proper cleaning of your HVAC system. Many places like GreenPro Cleaning can give you an estimate of cleaning cost and finish the job in minimal time.

Clean the Attic and Garage

Dust tends to gather in the attic and garage. Cleaning these areas before the holidays can ensure the cozy comfort of your home all winter long. Not only will cleaning these areas reduce dust and make the air more breathable, but you can also go ahead and drag out the holiday decorations beforehand.

If you are interested in a professional cleaning of your attic, crawlspace, and duct system. Be sure to Contact Us! 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Mold Type is Most Common Indoors?

 When we purchase or rent the places we call our homes, we do not often immediately think about mold. Oddly, even that many people think that mold is the direct result of a home, but it is not. Look at how quickly food molds, whether wet or dry. This can happen to your home as well.

A home that is built, regardless of its age, is susceptible to mold problems.

Please be aware that mold that is left untreated can be a hazard and deadly, but not all mold is harmful in the household.

Below is a list of the most common types of mold that appear in homes, what to look for and what to do next.

• Alternaria- an indoor and outdoor mold that appears near damp areas such as sinks, showers, and lightly lit areas outside the home.

• Aspergillus- a very common indoor mold that affects the respiratory system.

• Aureobasidium- an indoor and outdoor mold that affects wooden furniture, surfaces, wallpaper, and walls that have been painted. This mold is identifiable by its pink and black color.

• Chaetomium- an indoor mold that is found within drywall that has been damaged by water. This mold will produce a musty odor within homes.

• Cladosporium- an indoor and outdoor mold that grows within warm and cool areas such as wooden floors, carpet, cabinets, and worn fabrics.

• Fusarium- an indoor home that mainly affects carpeted homes that are in cold and wet conditions.

• Penicillium- an indoor mold that affects insulations, furniture that has water damage, and carpeting. This type of mold is known to spread very quickly.

• Stachybotrys Chartarum- an indoor mold known as Black mold that is toxic. This mold is normally located in damp pipes and air ducts while accompanied by a musty smell.

• Serpula Lacrymans- an outdoor mold that is found on wooden surfaces.

• Trichoderma- an indoor mold that affects damp carpets and wallpaper.

• Ulocladium- an indoor and outdoor mold that comes about after something similar to a flood.

What You Can Do?

After noticing and attempting to identify a mold growing within your home or apartment, the problem can be treated relatively quickly, and it is a simple process. A renter or homeowner can typically take care of common indoor molds, but it is best to work with a professional because of the health risks that are imposed.

Allow a professional service company such as Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration to search for any wet or damp surfaces or pipes. When it comes to mold, Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration are prepared and specialize in air duct cleaning, attic & crawlspace cleaning, and water damage. When we fear mold in our homes, we must act fast in order to cause health risks to ourselves or family members and to make sure we can retain our home.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Signs of Mold Indoors

Identifying and Removing Indoor Mold
Indoor mold is a common but frustrating phenomenon that can stem from a variety of moisture issues including but not limited to leaks typically inside walls or hidden in parts of the home that go unnoticed. 
Because mold can often be found in non-common areas such as basements and can stem from condensation, or issues with a home’s foundation it’s important to familiarity oneself with the signs of indoor mold.  Although mold will not always leave warning signs these are a few things to keep in mind to keep your home mold free. 

Respiratory and Pulmonary Distress: 
One of the most common symptoms of household or other indoor mold issues is that people will begin having an array of respiratory issues to include asthma and allergy issues. Some complaints include chronic cold symptoms, compromised lungs or airways, itchy throat, eyes, or rash and other allergy symptoms. 

Must or Mold Smell: 
Often but not always, a dwelling with a mold or moisture issue will have a damp smell or moldy smell that some people describe as similar to the smell of old or moist paper. Even when a smell is not present or cannot be identified by people visiting or living in the building will sometimes report nausea and shortness of breath. 

The appearance of Fungus: 
Although often mold does not present in well-trafficked areas which can make it tricky to spot, when fungus appears it’s a good indicator that mold is present. Fungus on walls, pipes, floors and in carpets can take on a dark, cloudy or bumpy appearance. 

Testing for and Getting Rid of Mold: 
If you believe that there is mold in your home, office or other building it’s important to seek the help of professionals. GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration have years of experience handling water damage including mold. 
GreenPro Cleaning staff will take the time to walk you through what you should do and how they can help. Call to make your appointment today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Getting Rid of Carpet Odor Post Water Damage

When your carpets get damaged by a flood or leaking pipes in the home, you worry your flooring is at a loss. Carpets are difficult to clean because the fibers in the carpet — carpet is often made of wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, cotton, or blends — can be damaged with traditional household cleaners.

Carpeting is also a challenge to clean because of the padding underneath the flooring surface. When moisture gets underneath carpeting and into the padding, the risk for mold, mildew, and carpet odors increases. Here are ways the professionals at GreenPro Cleaning will restore your carpet to new condition again.

Quality Steam Cleaning 

One of the best ways to remove odors from carpet is to use a steam cleaning approach. With GreenPro Cleaning, you gain access to commercial and high-quality grade cleaning machines that remove deep-set odors from all types and styles of carpet.

Professional Cleaning 

Never attempt to remove carpet stains and odors from your water damaged floor on your own. The reason for this is simple: water can contain chemicals or pollutants that are dangerous if touched or accidentally ingested. If your home's water damage is a result of a leaking sewer system or standing flood waters, you need to call a carpet cleaning restoration specialist right away.

To avoid contaminating your home and other surfaces, or making your carpets worse, hire a cleaning professional that specializes in flood damage restoration. The right cleaning specialist will inspect your carpets after cleaning them to ensure all moisture-related damage is gone.

It's wise to have your carpets professionally cleaned a few times a year, or as instructed by your cleaning specialist. The professional experts in the carpet at GreenPro Cleaning will restore your carpets to like-new condition and make them safe to walk on again. Make an appointment for carpet cleaning as soon as you notice water damage in your home.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Imagine sitting in your living room or playing a game on a mobile device and all of a sudden you notice a stain on your ceiling or wall. This means you have a serious problem such as a water leak. Water leaks cause tremendous damage that is expensive to fix if you don't catch it in time. 

There can be many reasons as to why water unexpectedly drips from the ceiling or comes through your baseboards. They can happen either in the kitchen, bathroom or even a basement, either way, there are many causes of water leaks that are ultimately very destructive. Here are some common causes of water leaks to consider: 

Broken seals 

When your appliances were installed it was the contractor who put the seals around all of your water connectors. However, over a period of time or even years, your appliances tend to break or wear down. It's more than likely you have a broken seal that needs replacement when you see poodles. GreenPro Cleaning can assist you with these issues. 

Clogged lines 

A clogged drain can always be an inconvenience. However, when you experience a clogged drain they have a tendency to burst pipes or simply overflow. Best thing to do is keep your gutters and HVAC systems clean to avoid any clogs down the road. 


Plumbing systems collect rust and can have corrosion that eats away at your pipes. You probably will notice discoloration and warping around your pipes indicating there's damage. 

What Not To Do 

If you believe that you have water damage in your home or even in your building consider these steps of action as per GreenPro Cleaning suggestions. 

Call a certified technician that understands water damage 

Never touch damaged or wet items with open hands 

Avoid breathing in odorous or damp air. 

Call at trained expert who can deal with your water damage right away and catch it in the early stages. Act now and stop water damage from destroying your home. GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration has technicians available to conduct on-site inspections or you can call directly.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Why Do Homes Have Crawl Spaces?

Purpose of Crawl Spaces

We live in a city that was built on a swamp, therefore, most of the houses don't have basements. Most of the homes have crawl spaces instead. The purpose of the crawl space it to allow air circulation throughout the home as well as access to electrical and plumbing ducts for necessary repairs.

Over time, moisture can build up in the crawl space and cause odor. All crawl spaces need to be cleaned and maintained. GreenPro Cleaning offers a variety of services which also includes crawl space cleaning. If you start to notice a musty odor and despite your home is clean, you may need to have the crawl space cleaned. We needed to get ours cleaned and it made a world of difference.

During heavy rains, moisture can build up in the crawl space as it did ours. Most people don't think about having space cleaned that they don't use, but this couldn't be further from the truth. At some point, every space in your home whether it's a room that you use on a daily basis or a room or space that you may have never seen, all parts of the home will need maintenance and cleaning.

GreenPro Cleaning can remove the moisture. unpleasant odors, bugs, debris and water that can be in your crawl space. I personally didn't want to go in my crawl space and I find them kind of scary so I will leave that to the professionals who know exactly what they are looking for and solve the problem.

If you have noticed the air quality in your home is not what it used to be, I suggest that you give GreenPro Cleaning a call. They will come out and let you know exactly what is going on and let you know what they need to do to correct it.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Why Do My Wooden Floors Warp from Water Damage?

Sometimes, during periods of inclement weather, you may have seen some situations where water damage may have occurred to your wooden floors.

Perhaps it is from a leak in the roof, maybe it is as a result of flooding, or even a window or door left open for an extended period of time. Either way, we here at GreenPro Cleaning can remedy your home's wooden floor damage issues.

If you are seeing water damage to your wooden floors, there are a couple of steps you should take in order to ensure your own safety. First of all, water damaged wood contains a plethora of bacteria and touching it can only cause you to get sick. Don't touch the water damaged areas.

Secondly, if there is extensive water damage in a room, you should seal the room and not go in there. Breathing the fumes from water damaged areas can cause you to get sick as well. So don't breathe the air and get out of the water damaged room. Most importantly, you should call a professional cleaning service. GreenPro Cleaning can assist with all types of water damage cleaning and restoration.

Water damage to wood is generally caused by moisture buildup due to faulty sealing within or around the house. Other times, water may seep up beneath concrete slabs beneath floors and cause damage over a longer period of time. If you smell something in the air, but can't see the water damage, it may be a good time to get a home inspection.

Our inspections are a comprehensive check on the quality of all walls, floors, ceilings, carpets, and wood flooring. We have the expertise to know where the leak is coming from in your house and tell you exactly what to do.

Many victims of flooding need an allover deep cleaning of their house in order to get it back into shape. This is a common issue we have helped many satisfied clients with over the years.

Getting your home free from harmful water damage is our top priority, so consider a professional cleaning service. GreenPro Cleaning is offering professionalism along with a hassle-free service ever time. Contact us today!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Ways We Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Is your home safe for your loved ones and from unwanted guests?

We spend so much time with our loved ones and pets inside our home creating beautiful memories. Home sweet home is considered a safe and healthy place for many Americans.

If you are a homeowner, you want to ensure your home is free from contamination of water, bad odors, bacteria, cigarette smoke, dust, dirt, or bugs. Such contamination can cause poor air quality for those inside the home and may be attributed to allergies and asthma for young and elderly.

If you find yourself in this situation and have worries, there is a good news for you. Professional cleaning companies are in your community to serve you and your family. Their service includes the following:

*Inspecting and cleaning your air ducts
*Clean all components of HVAC system to avoid re-contamination
*Anti-microbial treatment which includes sanitizers, disinfectants, and deodorizers
*Check for Moisture level and Remove Attic and Crawl Space Odors
*Removal of debris
*Correctly reinstall insulation if necessary

If you realize you have water damage to your home, consider these steps and call your professional cleaning companies immediately:

*Do not touch wet or damaged items with your bare hands
*Do not breath in the damp or odorous air
*Contact certified water damage repair expert

Since you are making the best decision for your family, why not consider a healthy alternative method to be performed by the professional instead of using toxic chemicals in your home? Choose healthy living, earth-friendly options by asking the cleaning company if they use bio-safe and bio-friendly solutions.

Now, if you are ready to call a professional cleaning company, there are many companies to choose from, but we are the ones you need.  We here at GreenPro are able to help! Visit our site or give us a call today.

Monday, August 20, 2018

What Happens If Mold Goes Untreated?

Mold is a common problem found in apartments and houses. When one finds mold in there home what should they do? What happens if mold goes untreated?

Act Fast When You Discover You Have Mold 

When you find mold you must remove it as quick as possible. If you want to try to do it yourself make sure you purchase the proper tools including: 
*Protective Gloves 
*Protective Glasses/Goggles 
*Mold Spray (Not bleach) 
*Disposable Cloths 

Can I Use Bleach To Remove Mold? 

No, bleach is only a temporary fix. It will remove the mold, but in a couple of days, the mold will be back because bleach isn’t strong enough to get rid of it. 

Once you’re done make sure to dispose of everything that comes in contact with the mold. Do not attempt to reuse the cloths/rags that you used to clean up the mold. Once you clean up all the mold give it a few days and come back. Analyze if it is truly gone and if not attack it again. When repainting a wall or ceiling use mold resistant paint. 

Should I Hire a Professional? 

When you detect the presence of mold in your home, the best course of action is to contact a professional to help eliminate your problem. You can attempt to do it yourself, but professional help is always best when dealing with the removal of mold spores. A lot of cleaning agents are toxic and emit dangerous fumes in the air. If you don’t clean the mold up properly the mold can come back. An experience removal company can make sure your mold problem is handled correctly. Mold can cause numerous health issues so don’t take it lightly. 

Health Issues Associated With Mold 

What are some of the symptoms in connection with mold illnesses? These can range from the following signs: 
*Loss Of Memory 
*Nerve Aches 
*Stomach Pain 
*Excess Thirst/Urination 

Enter GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration 

This is the company I would choose when dealing with Mold removal. They specialize in bio-friendly solutions in the areas of: 
*Residential Services 
*Commercial Services 
*Water Damage Repair 

What Does That Mean? 

All of their products and methods are centered around being 100% safe and non-toxic. They protect you and mother earth while focusing on premium cleaning methods. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a mold problem contact GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration today." 

Monday, August 13, 2018

What Is A Vapor Barrier?

Vapor barrier material is made of polyethylene and is absolutely impermeable. Many contractors use the material to keep your house dry from moisture buildup. Too much humidity in your home can be a breeding ground for mold or mildew. Unfortunately, leaving moisture in your home unattended can create structural damage. A vapor barrier is used in building construction to prevent damage by moisture to the building structure or home. You're invited to call a GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration professional for more details.

Signs That Your Home Can Benefit From Vapor Barrier Material

The crawl space may be used by many different aspects of your home without being living space. For example, some homes have HVAC equipment in the crawl space, plumbing, or wiring. Often times, nobody lives in the crawl space, but it's quick to collect moisture. Experts like GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration says, the framework of your home is subject to moisture, and can be protected with vapor barrier material. Learn how moisture can accumulate in your home by reading more below.

How Does Moisture Accumulate In Your Home?

There are several ways moisture attempts to accumulate in your home, and may require vapor barrier material to avoid damages. For example, moisture can accumulate in your home from the soil. If you have an older Suffolk or Nassau County home, the EPA says, additional protection like vapor barrier material is important. A junction box that's associated with your residential electrical components, is a standing ground for moisture. Standing moisture around your wiring can create another financial liability along with become a fire hazard. Vapor barrier is a superior protective blockade against moisture.

What To Expect From GreenPro Cleaning

- licensed & bonded professionals
- emergency services
- warranty on all parts & labor
- experienced technicians

If you've ever experienced dampness in your home, it can be a result of moisture collecting underneath your home, attic, or homes that are prone to moisture. In fact, vapor barrier material will stop moisture from accumulating in the framework of your home. More importantly, reducing moisture in your home can create clean air. Vapor barrier can also eliminate allergies for older adults and children in your home that will suffer the most. You're invited to contact a GreenPro professional for more derails today.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Top Ways Outside Allergens Are Brought Indoors

Top Ways Outside Allergens Are Brought Indoors

When outdoor allergens migrate into your home, they can cause red, itchy, eyes, sinus congestion, sneezing, runny noses, headaches and all kinds of misery.

Calling in the professionals at Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration can help eliminate outdoor allergens and end the misery.

How Outdoor Allergens Get Inside Homes

Allergy sufferers usually do as much as they can to keep a barrier between themselves and the outdoor allergens that make their lives miserable. Unfortunately, there are many ways irritating outdoor allergens make their way into your home without you being aware of them.

We at Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration want to help our neighbors in Suffolk County and Nassau County become aware of some ways outdoor allergens get into their homes and encourage them to call us to thoroughly clean their homes to remove them.

Outdoor allergens get indoors through:

1. Open Windows And Doors

Every time you open and close your doors, outdoor allergens have the opportunity to come in, especially in spring and summer. If you use electric fans while the windows are open, outdoor allergens will spread throughout your home.

2. On Your Clothing

One of the most common ways allergens can get into your home is on your clothing. Pollen and other types of outdoor allergens are always being carried around by the wind and deposited on your clothing. When you walk into your home, you bring it with you.

3. Mowing The Lawn

Whenever someone mows the lawn, a lot of outdoor allergens are thrown into the air and on to their hair and clothing. When that person comes into the house, the allergens come with them.

4. Gardening

Just a few minutes spent puttering around in the garden can leave a person covered in outdoor allergens. Unless that person removes the clothing they are wearing while still outside, those allergens will hitch a ride indoors on them.

5. Using Outdoor Clotheslines

Clothes drying on outdoor clotheslines act like a magnet for pollen and other outdoor elements the can cause allergic reactions. Drying your clothes using a vented dry will help to keep outside allergens from invading your home.

If you want to eliminate the outdoor allergens that have accumulated in your home, contact Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration. We know exactly what to do to get rid of the outdoor allergens that have slipped into your home and are making you miserable.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Which Issues Arise If You Don’t Treat Mold?

Exposure to black mold can cause a lot of health problems, so it’s a good idea to be proactive about properly dealing with the mold in your home rather than suffering from unfortunate consequences.

You might mistakenly think that because black mold is such an ordinary thing in parts of North America that it’s not really a major issue, but the truth is that a mold infestation is something that you should treat properly because not doing so is a serious threat to your health.

Black mold often appears after water damage in a home - there will be telltale black spots and a distinct musty smell. Upon closer inspection, these spots will be dusty and will tend to spread mostly in damp areas. Since drywall and carpets are particularly great at holding in moisture (and particularly common in modern American construction), these are hotspots for mold growth.

Some people have allergies
, and mold can be an allergen that irritates your sinuses and causes cold-like symptoms if you live in a house with it. If you feel like you have sinusitis, it could simply be due to black mold exposure. If you have an incurable cough or sinusitis that doesn’t respond to treatment, the cause could easily be mold exposure.

The longer a person is exposed to mold, the worse that these symptoms will become. If you discover black mold and are suffering from any discernible symptoms of poisoning, go to a doctor and call in professionals to clean it up. Prolonged exposure can be fatal, and it will make your life pretty unpleasant in the meantime.

If you have a mold infestation, it’s obviously paramount to have it dealt with properly. For that, you can count on the services of Green Pro Cleaning and Restoration to make your home safe again.

If you’re suffering from water damage or the resulting mold in your Suffolk County home, Green Pro Cleaning can help undo any such damages and make your home look like new again. They’re your best local option, and with a friendly and professional staff, you won’t regret choosing Green Pro.

Monday, July 23, 2018

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines, What Are They?

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines, What Are They?

Our homes are a representation of ourselves. They are a symbol of pride and for many a standing reminder of the American dream. It is a place of solitude and respite from the busy world around us. When we are sick, we stay there to get well. We relish the comfort of our abodes by keeping them clean and creating a safe environment.

A part of cleaning the home is the air quality. Replacing the air filters in our furnaces is great, but all homes, especially if it was occupied by prior residents, need the air ducts cleaned. GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration provides a process that follows the ASHRAE guidelines.

ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Their goal is to use education and technology to advance sustainable HVAC-R practices worldwide. Reducing the carbon footprint while preserving precious resources is the focus of ASHRAE and the worldwide global initiative.

Why Should I Choose GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration?

One glance at the website at and you’ll see the reason the company is called GreenPro.

• Uses Only Bio-Safe and Bio-Friendly Products

Harsh chemicals like ozone and chemical biocides are often used to kill fungi and bacteria lurking in the air ducts after they are cleaned. These harsh chemicals have been proven to cause respiratory problems and can harm small children, including the unborn.

• Entire HVAC system cleaning

GreenPro understands the importance of a healthy environment inside your home or business. They will not show up with a large hose and get right to work. There is an inspection process, then an entire cleaning of the HVAC system. What is the point of cleaning the ductwork and the filter if you are going to blow dirt back into them once your system is turned on?

• Keeping Up with EPA Standards

GreenPro thoroughly cleans the HVAC system and applies an anti-microbial treatment to sanitize and disinfect only on nonporous surfaces. Only products that are registered as safe with the EPA are used. The EPA provides an air duct cleaning checklist for consumers. GreenPro provides all ten requirements with each service call.

For a complete, environmentally safe, and thorough air duct cleaning company contact GreenPro at (631) 940-8100 or visit the website at to see all of our services and schedule a consultation. Don’t leave your family’s health in just anyone’s hands.

Monday, July 16, 2018

How Cleaning Out Air Ducts Improves Indoor Air Quality

How Cleaning Out Air Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Are you a resident of either Suffolk County or Nassau County? Is your air duct giving you a challenge? Worry no more. Green Pro Cleaning has a solution for all your air needs.

How Cleaning Out Air Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality.

There are a number of benefits of cleaning those clogged air ducts.

  • Improved Air Circulation
It does get dusty sometimes around Suffolk and Nassau Counties during the year. Most of these dust usually ends up settling in the air ducts, blocking maximum amount of air from circulating inside the house, making the house stuffy and dumpy at the same time. For efficient air circulation and proper ventilation, contact Green Pro Cleaning for improved air circulation in your house.

  • Fresh, Cooling Air
We have noticed that most houses have a certain odor that never goes away. The owners may be forced to use air fresheners which are costly and sometimes reactive to some members of the houses, for example, small children. It is depressing and for that reason, they need to seek the help of a cleaning company. Have your air ducts cleaned by us for a natural cooling sensation today!

  • Temperature Regulations 
You will notice that the rooms in your house have different temperatures. The reason uneven degrees of temperatures is, dirty air ducts preventing the cooling of warm air inside the rooms by air coming from outside. It is beneficial to have the air ducts in your house be cleaned on a regular basis for even room temperatures in all rooms in your house.
  •  Saves you Money

You probably noticed a certain change in the sequence of your energy bills. The charges of your energy bills keep rising while your energy consumption has not changed whatsoever. Well, this could be traumatizing especially if you are working on a budget. The hiked energy bills could be because your thermostat is working extra than it should since the set temperatures are proving difficult to be reached. Save your energy bills by cleaning your air ducts. We would, however, recommend the assistance of a reliable, efficient and professional company to help you out.

Contact Green Pro Cleaning for all your air solutions today for that fresh breath of clean air inside your house. You can also visit our website RIGHT HERE for more information and also for a chance to look at the various products and services offered by us.

Friday, July 6, 2018

What is the EPA?

When we visit a customer’s home, there are a certain set of rules and principles that we follow when it comes to us conducting our service. All of our services stay true to our "Earth Friendly" approach.

It's what sets us apart from the rest! We believe that by respecting the environment we promote a healthy, safe, and clean area for your home, workplace, and life.

All of our services use products that are bio-safe and all of our methods are bio-friendly. We do not use any toxic chemicals and our cleaning systems produce superior results. At GreenPro Cleaning, we're taking eco-friendly cleaning solutions to a higher standard.

We follow along with the rules, standards, and mission of the EPA when it comes to our cleaning services. The overall mission of the EPA as it states on their website:

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.”

The EPA also works to ensure that:

  • Americans have clean air, land, and water.
  • National efforts to reduce environmental risks are based on the best available scientific information.
  • Federal laws protecting human health and the environment are administered and enforced fairly, effectively and as Congress intended.
  • Environmental stewardship is integral to U.S. policies concerning natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade, and these factors are similarly considered in establishing environmental policy.
  • All parts of society--communities, individuals, businesses, and state, local and tribal governments--have access to accurate information sufficient to effectively participate in managing human health and environmental risks.
  • Contaminated lands and toxic sites are cleaned up by potentially responsible parties and revitalized, and chemicals in the marketplace are reviewed for safety.

If you would like to learn more about the EPA and what they do, please feel free to swing by their website right here.  

When you call us, we only follow EPA guidelines and what the EPA suggests; especially when it comes to any ductwork and any antimicrobial treatment solutions.  

GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration treats the odors with an EPA Registered, non-toxic, chemical-free, botanical fungistat/disinfectant that kills 99.99% of harmful odor-causing bacteria.

We are so pleased with our products and their results, that we offer a 1-year warranty against odor recurrence for our attic and crawlspace projects when fixing any odor problems. If the odor comes back, we will re-treat for FREE.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us for a service, please visit our website right here or give us a call at 631-940-8100