Friday, September 27, 2019

Places Where Water Damage Can Go Unseen

In the best-case scenario with water damage, you’re able to spot the damage right away so that you can immediately work on solving the problem. Unfortunately, homeowners aren’t always so lucky. Water damage can occur in places where most of us would completely neglect to check without a reminder, and when that happens, the restoration and repairs can be costly.
Here are some of the places where water damage can hide in your home.
Underneath a Window Air Conditioning Unit
A leaky window air conditioner can cause big problems for the window sill and wall located beneath it. When the air conditioner is working properly, the condensation that it makes while cooling air drains out through a tube the redirects the water outside the house. If this tube becomes clogged or dislodged, the condensation will drain directly down onto whatever is underneath it.
Behind Your Shower/Bathtub Surround
If your shower or bathtub surround is comprised of multiple pieces, it’s important to inspect the caulk between the surround walls and your tub to make sure it’s in good shape. Old, worn caulk allows water to get in the cracks and collect behind your wall, where it can damage the frame of your house.
Behind or Underneath Your Washing Machine
While you may wonder if your washing machine itself is prone to leaking, leaks are much more likely to occur where your washing machine hooks up to the hot and cold water supply lines in your wall. The trouble is that when leaks occur in this location, it’s hard to spot them because your washing machine usually blocks them from view. In the meantime, water starts to collect behind and underneath your appliance, damaging your wall and your floor.
Underneath Your Dishwasher
Your dishwasher is designed to be watertight. However, as its supply line and drain line age, leaks can form in their joints. This results in leaks beneath your dishwasher that can go unseen for years. During this time, the leaking water can damage your subfloor and lead to terrible mold problems.
If you suspect you have water damage in your home…
  • Do NOT touch wet or damaged items with your bare hands.
  • Do NOT breathe in damp or odorous air. Allow your home to air out with open windows and fans.
  • Contact a certified water damage repair expert.
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Friday, September 20, 2019

Brilliant Products That Make Cleaning So Much Easier

While some people enjoy cleaning as a way to destress, let’s face it: most people would much rather be doing something else. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make cleaning easier than ever before. If you find yourself short on time, these brilliant products will be a welcome addition when completing your household chore regimen.
Electric Scrubber
Why scrub away soap scum using manual power when you could have a relatively inexpensive power tool scrub for you? Electric scrubbers are designed with rounded nylon brushes that rotate at high speeds to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces when combined with cleaning formulas. You can even buy cleaning brush attachments that are designed to attach to a cordless drill.
Microfiber Cloths
These inexpensive cloths can be easily found in stores and online. Their superpower is their versatility. Microfiber cloths can wipe up spills, apply cleaning products to a variety of surfaces, and dust much more effectively than a fluffy feather dusty.
Extendable Dusters
While a microfiber cloth makes a great duster on surfaces you can easily reach, it can be a challenge using one to dust things that are high up like ceiling fans and light fixtures or underneath couches and beds. For areas that are difficult to reach, use an extendable duster with a microfiber cover. These dusters have telescoping handles that allow you to dust any area of your home that’s difficult or otherwise impossible to reach.
Garbage Disposal Cleaners
Sometimes a garbage disposal can develop bad odors due to food and grease that builds up under the blades and splashguard, along its internal walls, and in its other components. Getting rid of that stubborn grime can be a challenge because of how hard it is to reach--unless you use a foaming cleaner. This particular foaming cleaner from Glisten comes in a biodegradable packet, uses a bleach alternative, and contains natural ingredients.
Reusable Pet Hair Collector
If you’re a pet owner, you probably go through lint rollers by the dozen to get pet hair off furniture, bedding, and clothing. Instead, invest in a pet hair collector that you can use over and over. Simply roll it over your clothes just like a lint roller--no batteries or electricity required!
When it comes to cleaning air ducts, attics, and crawl spaces, trust the professionals at GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration to provide you with superior results using earth-friendly, non-toxic treatments.

Friday, September 13, 2019

4 No-VOC Paints for Decorating Your Home

Have you ever noticed that a fresh coat of paint inside your home will sometimes bother your sinuses, make you dizzy, or trigger a headache? That’s because many traditional household paints contain harmful pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are easily able to transform into a vapor or gas, and breathing in these gases can have a number of bad effects on your short-term and long-term health.
Fortunately, now that there is growing awareness about the dangers of VOCs, there is a variety of low-VOC and no-VOC interior paints on the market. Now you can paint your home to your heart's content without worrying about compromising your indoor air quality.
Here are 4 popular no-VOC paint options for your next home makeover.
1. BioShield Clay
This is the paint of choice for folks with fragrance sensitivity. Even though paints without VOCs will not smell as strongly as their traditional counterparts, if you’re sensitive to smells, you might still get a headache or nasal discomfort. BioShield Clay has a particularly understated, clay-like smell that is far less likely to disrupt your comfort.
2. Benjamin Moore Natura
This big name in household paint has released its zero-VOC line, Natura, and the best part is that it’s available in every color Benjamin Moore offers in their other products. If you have allergies or asthma, an added perk of this paint is that it is certified allergy- and asthma-friendly.
3. Behr Premium Plus
Skip the primer with this amazing, no-VOC paint from Behr. The Behr Premium Plus line contains both paint and primer in one formula, allowing you to skip a step and get right to applying color. Like Bioshield Clay, this is another great, low-odor option for those with fragrance sensitivity.
4. Sherwin-Williams Harmony
Who would’ve ever thought that paint could actually help purify your home’s air? In fact, that is exactly what the Sherwin-Williams Harmony line does. By reducing VOC levels in your home and diminishing common indoor odors caused by things such as cooking, pets, and smoking, Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex paint helps keep your home’s air fresh and healthy. This paint is even resistant to mold and mildew, making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we believe that by respecting the environment we promote a healthy, safe, and clean area for your home, workplace, and life. All of our products are bio-safe, and all of our methods are bio-friendly.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Home Maintenance Checklist For Fall

Fall is the perfect time to take care of any big home projects you’ve been putting off. You don’t have to worry about sweating buckets from the summer heat and it’s not quite cold enough yet. With that in mind, we’ll go over everything you need to know to prepare your home for the cooler weather. 
1. Rake leaves
If you’re a homeowner with trees on your property, take this time set a schedule for raking the leaves on your lawn before they begin piling up.
2. Check your gutters
The fall leaves can make their way in there too. Get them cleaned and check for any other damages that may have happened since the last time you checked! 
3. Schedule HVAC maintenance
You don’t want to wait until that icy blizzard comes to find out your heater is broken in the dead of winter. Schedule an inspection by an HVAC expert near you.
4. Seal open gaps
With the chilly weather coming through, small critters may seek shelter in your home. To avoid these unwelcome guests, close and cover any holes around the house. 
5. Get your chimney cleaned and inspected
Now that it’s autumn, you’ll want to start firing up the fireplace. A clean and working system will ensure safety and a warm living space. Pro tip- add a chimney cap to stop rodents from crawling down the top.  
6. Take inventory and stock up on cold weather supplies
It’s a good idea to go through all your winter supplies including snow shovels and ice scrapers and make sure they’re in tiptop condition. Also, use this time to make sure that all emergency kits are up to date and haven’t expired. 
7. Make an appointment for attic cleaning
You’ve heard about spring cleaning - now it’s time to introduce you to fall cleaning. It’s not often you remember to get this space cleaned, but ignoring it can lead to poor indoor air quality and other home problems. If you’re in Long Island, contact us for professional attic and crawlspace cleaning.
Fall can often be summed up in one idea - leaves (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes for some of you out there). Most everyone can agree that fall foliage is a sight to be seen, but remember that once the leaves come down winter is coming. Tick these 7 items off your list and treat yourself to a warm apple cider. 
At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we’re here to help you get your home prepared for the upcoming season. Contact us today: 631-940-8100.