Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Do I Need My Crawl Space Cleaned?

Cleaning a house means more than just dusting and mopping. For a home to be completely clean, the less visible locations need to be dealt with as well, and that means the basement, attic, and crawlspaces. 

These locations can hide some of the very things that cleaning is meant to dispel, and not cleaning them means that those forces can fester and use those locations as a staging ground as they invade the rest of the house. With all of the various insects and molds plaguing home-owners, it can only help to clean the house thoroughly and those locations need to be cleaned just as much, if not moreso, than the rest of the house, and companies such as GreenPro Cleaning can help.

 While not all homes have a basement or attic, most do have some sort of crawlspace. While the crawlspace may not be as heated as the rest of the house, it may not be as cooled as the rest of the house either. While this means that the crawlspace may be cooler than the rest of the house in the winter months, the area will be warmer during the summer; combine with any kind of humidity, and that creates a great environment for mold.

The mold can then easily spread to the rest of the house through the ducts and other connecting crevices, virtually ensuring a mold problem. It doesn't help that the crawlspace is rarely cleaned, even after the house is built. This means that there is the possibility that garbage from the construction of the house could be lying around.

Dust also builds up in, and all of these factors combine to insure that there will be something for insects to gather. Admittedly they may not be the larger insects, but even dust mites can be a problem. Also, the dust represents a build up of other pollutants that rather than being released to the local environment can build up to a critical mass and cause health problems later on. Between the potential for mold, the collection of insects, and the build up of pollutants, cleaning the crawlspaces is a paramount necessity.

Companies like GreenPro Cleaning are more than willing to help, with both the experienced personnel and equipment to deal with even the most recalcitrant crawlspace. Contact GreenPro Cleaning today to set up an appointment to have your crawlspace cleaned, before it becomes a problem. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Top Tips of Preventing Mold Growth Indoors

Mold. It is a word that brings a frown to anyone’s face. Mold is another word for fungi that grow in a multi-cellular structure. It is something that can cause food to spoil and many diseases. It is also a substance that's used today for other things. These include medicine, food, and beverages among other things. It's still something that's avoided in any home.  

The best way to cure a home of the mold is to keep it from growing there in the first place. There are many tips that you can follow so that your home will stay mold free. Here are a few tips you can do. 

Keep Areas Dry

Make sure to keep all areas dry in the home. If there is a spill or a leakage clean it up right away. Mold needs the moisture to grow. If a home's kept dry then there is no way for mold to creep in and grow to be a problem. This also means if there are any types of leaky pipes or water heaters that break down and leak, to get these issues looked at immediately. . Water sitting within your walls can lead to mold and residue build up. 


Ventilation is something that many people do not think of. It is important that daily living does not create more moisture. Make sure to use the fan over the stove-top when cooking. Also, use a ventilation fan in the bathroom during your shower to keep the moisture out. You can also wipe dry your walls after a hot shower if you have poor ventilation, the areas with built up condensation are the most important to keep clean.

Mold-Resistant Products

There are many materials that people are using to build their homes in today’s industry. These include Mold-resistant paints and drywall. These are helpful in areas like the bathroom or basement that tend to have more moisture. 


It is a nasty sticky thing to most people. As your body will feel the heat and sweat, a home does the same thing. Buy a meter that measures the humidity in your home from your local hardware store. If there is too much natural humidity in a room, you can purchase a de-humidifier to balance out the moister. High humidity is popular in the South East and Sound West of the United States. 


Keep your gutters clear of debris and leaves. If there is a blockage then it can cause spillover from the gutters onto your home. This can cause leakage which can make its way into your home. 

There are many ways to prevent mold in the home. Prepare yourself and your home before a problem arises. It may take a little extra time and money but it is well worth it in the end. If you find yourself with a problem area then contact help here

Monday, January 15, 2018

Benefits of an In-Home Air Purifier

Clean air is important. There are many reasons why an air purifier's needed for your home. With the evolution of technology and plants in the world, the air is becoming more polluted every day. It can be dangerous and is not good for our bodies. The list of why every home should have an air purifier is long. But, there are some that are more obvious than others. 


Breathe Easier

Air purifiers first help anyone breathe easier. Although it is a benefit for everyone there are some that need it more. There are those that suffer from asthma or COPD. Clean air is easier for them to breathe in and helps to prevent attacks from coming on. There are also those that suffer from seasonal allergies. When pollen comes through an open doorway an air purifier can get rid of it before it is too bad. There are also those that have pets and the dander is a problem. Things like pollen, pet dander and pollution aren't seen. It is there in the air we breathe every day.

Odor Distinguisher

Odors are everywhere especially if you have an animal. Air purifiers remove the odor in the air to leave fresh smelling clean air instead. Other odors that are strong and hard to rid a home of include spicy foods and onions or garlic. There is also the chance that a rotten potato got into the bag as well.

Stops Mold

Mold grows in warm and moist areas of a home. With an air purifier, it clears out the spores that would cause mold to grow. It also helps to keep the area dry.

Free of the Flu

Areas in the house touched when a person is sick carry bacteria that will spread. With an air purifier, it rids the home of the harmful bacteria to give a healthy environment.

There are many reasons that an air purifier's needed. There are also many to choose from. Make sure that you read labels and find the one that is perfect for you. No matter which one you buy it will make your home healthier to live in.

At GreenPro we care about the air around us. We promote a healthy living lifestyle. We do not use any chemicals that are toxic and use bio-friendly methods. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Creating an At Home Recycling Plan

How Recycling In Your Home Can Be Easy

There is no doubt that there is a pretty big issue with the amount of waste that we create here in America. One of the methods that has been used to help not only cut back on the raw material use for products but create new products is recycling. Through recycling we are able to take our used cans, paper and glass to make them into new products.

One of the key things to know is what you can recycle in your area. Plastics are one of your biggest concerns since the type of plastic that was used will determine just how easy or difficult it is to break down and some plastics are not able to be reused. There is a number on the bottom of plastic containers that shows what type of plastic was used. 

Trying to stay ahead of the curve and implement a recycling system for your home is not nearly as difficult as one may think at first. One of the first and most important things is simply to research what recycling services are in your area and what they're restrictions are.

Many recycling centers have tubs, totes or special cans to be used for their pickup or offer them to people who want to start recycling in their homes but will still need to bring the full bins in themselves. Setting up a recycling area in your home is as easy and picking a spot for all of the bins to go. Sometimes going vertical is the key, having the bins on a shelf system or on the wall can save space. Using labels for different types of recycling can also make things easier when taking them out to any recycling centers, this would cut out any of the time sorting through it all.

One of the hardest parts of recycling is getting yourself into the habit of not throwing everything away. One of the best tips to keep that in mind is to always ask yourself when you need to throw something away, "Where will this end up?" and this may prompt your memory to kick in, placing the object in the appropriate bin for recycling.

By doing your part in recycling you will not only be keeping the planet clean by reducing the amount of matter being placed into landfills but many young companies are emerging, making their products as close to 100% from recycled or reclaimed materials as possible so, by recycling you are helping the growth of a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious business potentially. The planet is ours and we should all try our best to keep it clean.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Signs Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned or Replaced

Home air ducts should not be thought of as a part of the home that requires no maintenance since they supply the heat and air conditioning. Bad ducts can result in the cause of several problems with the first being an added cost. Air ducts that need maintenance or replacement are not able to push the heat or air condition through efficiently, which results in a higher cost for the utilities. 

Additionally, ductwork that needs to be cleaned can push the dust out into the air. If used for air conditioning and heat mold can grow in the ductwork. Both of these can affect the health of the people living in the home, especially if they have allergies. Mold in the ducts cannot be seen, yet can cause a health hazard since breathing it in can be harmful since the spores can be released into the home through the registers. 

Cleaning or Replacement of Ducts

Ducts are not completely visible to inspect or clean, which is why it takes a professional to inspect and clean them or when necessary replace the ductwork. When the ducts are in good condition they can be cleaned and avoid any health issues and increased utility bills. The ductwork should be inspected and cleaned before the heating season and again prior to the warm weather months or at least annually. This cleaning includes the heating and cooling components of the forced air system, which also consists of the supply and return ducts. It can also include the heat exchangers and cooling coils, the condensate drain pans, fan housing and fan motor. This kind of servicing of the unit and air ducts will remove particles of pollen, dust, mold and other debris that can cause problems.

The ducts may need replacement rather than cleaning if they have been damaged or have become rusted with age. This is something that can happen in older homes when the ductwork has aged or not been properly maintained through the years.

Warning Signs

The warning signs that ducts need to be cleaned or require replacement:

• If energy bills have a dramatic increase.
• If there is dirt or debris found near registers.
• If there are signs of an infestation of insects or rodents.
• If anyone in the family begins having respiratory issues, an increase in asthma attacks or allergies.

The reason a professional can successfully clean air ducts is due to the tools they use like high powered vacuum cleaners after using other tools to dislodge any contaminants. They may also use chemical treatments or biocides in the ducts to remove microbiologic contaminants. The tools are combined with the methods and the training of GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration professionals. Registers and ductwork cleaned by professionals will ensure they are properly maintained.