Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Dirtiest Areas of Your Home

The dirtiest part of a home or business is not always the bathroom. There are other untidy spaces in homes that may cause more illness. Often, the places that should concern property owners are the areas they never see. Examples of this type of location include the attic, the ductwork, and crawlspaces.

Concerns with Ductwork

Ducts allow HVAC systems to circulate heated or cooled air through every room, and this what makes an unclean duct system so concerning. It is not only air that moves through a neglected duct system. Dust, pollen, and dander also circulate through the air. Some ductwork may also contain mold or even rodent droppings.

Sick building syndrome occurs when debris builds up in the ductwork and mixes with the circulating air. The allergens and contaminants enter the home as the AC or heating system runs. Exposure to dirty air can cause headaches and respiratory issues. Some people even experience rashes or other skin irritations. This is why keeping up cleaning with your air duct cleaning is so vital.

Messes in Attics

The same buildup of dust and pollen that takes place in ducts can also occur in attics. Rodent or bat infestations can leave disease-causing droppings behind. Undetected leaks or poor ventilation also cause mold growth due to water damage. Bacteria from the pest droppings can become airborne as they dry out and affect the rest of the property. Cleaning the attic takes special care because health risks can arise from exposure to the contaminants in the room.

Dangers in Crawlspaces

Rodents also hide in crawl spaces and leave droppings behind. Added concerns arise from the possibility of water damage from leaking pipes or water entering from outside. Mold spores can enter the interior of the home or business as they become airborne, just like the bacteria from messes left by pests. Musty smells and illness from the exposure to the mold can occur.

At Greenpro, we take care of the unseen areas that people sometimes forget. Our services ensure that the hidden areas of homes stay as clean as the rest of the property. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a visit.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House

Bugs can be downright nasty. They crawl all over your home and create unsanitary conditions for you and your family to live in during the spring. They destroy by eating rotted wood, devouring food that you left out on countertops, and breeding in mass quantities. If you blink, you can go from a handful of bug visitors to a full-blown infestation.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Insect Infestations in Your Home

A bug problem gets worse before it gets better in many cases. It goes undetected until there are too many bugs for you to deal with on your own safely. That's why it's imperative that you actively implement pest prevention strategies as part of your regular household maintenance routine.

Ways to keep bugs out of your house include:
  • Sealing entryways in door frames and windows. Close all gaps with caulking.
  • Getting rid of standing water in yards. Dump buckets and bird baths often.
  • Shaking out boxes before bringing them into the house. Look inside the box and turn it over in the grass to remove any spiders, ants, or stink bugs that have found their way into the cardboard container.
  • Using natural bug repellents on your houseplants and flower arrangements. Make sure to treat them often to keep the bugs from wanting to take up residence in your flower pots or near your vases.
There are many things you can do to keep bugs from entering your home this spring. Among the easiest is to have the house professionally cleaned regularly. Paying close attention to spaces that receive little human contact helps tremendously. Bugs tend to hide in dark places as a way to protect themselves from humans.

Who to Call for Professional House Cleaning Services?

Contact GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration for your spring cleaning needs. In addition to air duct cleaning and water damage restoration, we do attic and crawl space cleaning. Let us take care of all the creepy crawlies for you. Call us for more information and to get started on your housecleaning project today!

Monday, March 16, 2020

How Often Do My Ducts Need Cleaning

How Often Do My Ducts Need Cleaning?
Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? Your indoor air quality relies heavily on how clear your vents are. By knowing the below signs and paying attention to your routine cleanings, you can improve your system's performance:

Watch For Signs Of Poor Quality

Beyond cold spots, and a strange odor, there a few reasons you might want to schedule an air duct cleaning.

Do Any Of These Factors Affect Your Home?

There is usually a reason the signs above start to happen within your vents! Use this checklist to see if any of these factors are affecting your air quality:

Pets: Our fluffy friends are adorable and lovable, but there dander and hair can lead to poor air quality when air vents aren't easily cleaned. 
Recently finished house project: Leftover building dust and debris can still linger in your home's vents. It's best to schedule a cleaning once all construction is done.

Someone in the household has allergies: If someone within your home is affected by allergies and asthma, being diligent about your air quality can help relieve symptoms.

When and How Often You Should Clean Your Ducts?

Every three to five years is normal, but all of these factors and signs mean that you might need a cleaning more often than you realized.

At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we do not use any toxic chemicals, providing our customers with environmentally friendly and superior results. If you suspect that air ducts are
due for routine maintenance, call us to schedule your HVAC cleaning at 631-940-8100. Improve your home’s indoor air quality today!