Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Getting Rid of Carpet Odor Post Water Damage

When your carpets get damaged by a flood or leaking pipes in the home, you worry your flooring is at a loss. Carpets are difficult to clean because the fibers in the carpet — carpet is often made of wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, cotton, or blends — can be damaged with traditional household cleaners.

Carpeting is also a challenge to clean because of the padding underneath the flooring surface. When moisture gets underneath carpeting and into the padding, the risk for mold, mildew, and carpet odors increases. Here are ways the professionals at GreenPro Cleaning will restore your carpet to new condition again.

Quality Steam Cleaning 

One of the best ways to remove odors from carpet is to use a steam cleaning approach. With GreenPro Cleaning, you gain access to commercial and high-quality grade cleaning machines that remove deep-set odors from all types and styles of carpet.

Professional Cleaning 

Never attempt to remove carpet stains and odors from your water damaged floor on your own. The reason for this is simple: water can contain chemicals or pollutants that are dangerous if touched or accidentally ingested. If your home's water damage is a result of a leaking sewer system or standing flood waters, you need to call a carpet cleaning restoration specialist right away.

To avoid contaminating your home and other surfaces, or making your carpets worse, hire a cleaning professional that specializes in flood damage restoration. The right cleaning specialist will inspect your carpets after cleaning them to ensure all moisture-related damage is gone.

It's wise to have your carpets professionally cleaned a few times a year, or as instructed by your cleaning specialist. The professional experts in the carpet at GreenPro Cleaning will restore your carpets to like-new condition and make them safe to walk on again. Make an appointment for carpet cleaning as soon as you notice water damage in your home.

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