Monday, July 31, 2017

What is Black Mold?

No mold is good mold. That being said, there are some types of mold that are worse than others. Yup, we’re talking about stachybotrys chartarum — but you may know of it as “black mold.”

Black Mold
Black mold is a toxic fungus that rapidly reproduces in warm, wet areas. Though mold can be found anywhere inside or outside of a home, it’s most often found in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

Symptoms and Health Effects

Breathing in black mold can have a number of negative effects on your health, especially your respiratory system. The most common symptoms are chronic coughing, sneezing, excess mucus, fatigue, and headaches.

Identifying Black Mold

You may assume, based on its descriptive name, that black mold is pretty identifiable. But, that’s not always the case. Black mold can be dark green, brown, and even grey, making it sometimes hard to identify. To positively identify black mold, it must be tested by a trained professional through a microscopic exam.

Eliminating Black Mold

Because black mold is toxic, you should never try to clean it yourself. Instead, call a trusted team of professionals, who have the equipment and experience to handle black mold.

Preventing Mold in the Future

Dealing with black mold is a hassle that can really take a toll on your home. So your best defense against it is a good offense. Be proactive this year and prevent black mold from growing with these tips:
  • Especially in the warmer summer months, you should leave a dehumidifier on in basements and crawlspaces.  
  • Always keep gutters and downspouts facing away from your house, to prevent flooding and excess moisture.
  • Prevent water from building up on your walls by leaving windows open during the day and improving air flow.
  • Use paint and gloss finishes that are mold and mildew resistant.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

With all the talk about global warming, pollution, and smog, people are trying now more than ever to keep the air they breathe clean. We tend to think of pollution as something that only really happens outside, but cleaning chemicals, mold, and air conditioners all contribute to poor indoor air quality. But have no fear! While there are plenty of things that cause poor air quality, there are just as many, if not more, things that can improve it.

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality GreenPro

Suck it Up, Then Mop it Up

Your floors are one of the dirtiest surfaces in your house, so if you’re trying to combat poor air quality, start at the ground. Vacuuming, then mopping, your house once a week can pick up pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that will get sucked into your HVAC unit and circulated around your house.

Clean Your Filters and Air Ducts

Speaking of your HVAC, that too can contribute to your home’s poor air quality. The dust and debris that gets sucked into your central air doesn’t stay in the ducts, it circulates around your house, making a stop at every room with a vent. Protect your family by having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis!  

Add Plants

We all know that plants can “liven” up any room, but they’re good for a lot more than just being a beautiful center piece. Adding greenery to your home, especially your living room, bedroom, and bathroom (yes, many plants can not only survive but thrive in moist areas) can help combat mold and keep your family breathing easy.

Watch Your Humidity Levels

Mold thrives in moist environments, especially in bathrooms, attics, and basements. But you also don’t want your air to be too dry, since that can cause respiratory problems. Ideally, you want your humidity levels to be around 30-50 percent.

Declare Your House a “No Smoking Zone”

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. Even if you ask smokers to stand on the front porch or in the backyard, these chemicals can still make their way into your house.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?

We think it’s safe to say that as Long Islanders, we’re all very grateful for the modern wonders of the air conditioner — but did you know it can leave you feeling fatigued and sick? While these units control humidity levels and filter the air in your home, they need to be carefully maintained in order to avoid health problems.

GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration has highlighted a few symptoms that could be attributed to your air conditioner.

Generally Feeling Sick

Have you ever found that at the end of a long day’s work you feel generally sick? Maybe you have a headache or are just very sluggish and tired. Once you leave the building your symptoms subside. Sure you could just attribute this to laziness or not wanting to be at work — but this ailment actually has a name. It’s called “sick building syndrome.” Your air conditioner could be to blame.

If you have access to the thermostat, try setting the temperature a bit higher so your body is not shivering. In addition, step outside for a few minutes as often as possible.

Respiratory Issues

Have you neglected to clean your air conditioner’s filter? If so, you’re creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Every time you run your cooling system, you’ll be breathing in these contaminants. This can lead to countless respiratory issues including fatal infectious pneumonia and Legionnaires disease.

Be sure to clean your filters at the start of every season and regularly throughout the warm weather.

Dry Skin

Air conditioned air dries out your skin — plain and simple.

The solution, turn or the A/C or get a great moisturizer!

According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, people who spend more of their time in air-conditioned environments actually require health care services more often. They are absent from work more frequently and their ailments are predominantly related to ear, nose, and throat issues, as well as respiratory and dermatological problems.

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