Monday, October 8, 2018

Signs of Mold Indoors

Identifying and Removing Indoor Mold
Indoor mold is a common but frustrating phenomenon that can stem from a variety of moisture issues including but not limited to leaks typically inside walls or hidden in parts of the home that go unnoticed. 
Because mold can often be found in non-common areas such as basements and can stem from condensation, or issues with a home’s foundation it’s important to familiarity oneself with the signs of indoor mold.  Although mold will not always leave warning signs these are a few things to keep in mind to keep your home mold free. 

Respiratory and Pulmonary Distress: 
One of the most common symptoms of household or other indoor mold issues is that people will begin having an array of respiratory issues to include asthma and allergy issues. Some complaints include chronic cold symptoms, compromised lungs or airways, itchy throat, eyes, or rash and other allergy symptoms. 

Must or Mold Smell: 
Often but not always, a dwelling with a mold or moisture issue will have a damp smell or moldy smell that some people describe as similar to the smell of old or moist paper. Even when a smell is not present or cannot be identified by people visiting or living in the building will sometimes report nausea and shortness of breath. 

The appearance of Fungus: 
Although often mold does not present in well-trafficked areas which can make it tricky to spot, when fungus appears it’s a good indicator that mold is present. Fungus on walls, pipes, floors and in carpets can take on a dark, cloudy or bumpy appearance. 

Testing for and Getting Rid of Mold: 
If you believe that there is mold in your home, office or other building it’s important to seek the help of professionals. GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration have years of experience handling water damage including mold. 
GreenPro Cleaning staff will take the time to walk you through what you should do and how they can help. Call to make your appointment today.

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