Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Spots Where Dust Likes To Hide


Dust can build up on surfaces all over your home, and unfortunately, there are many spots where dust likes to hide that aren’t easy to find. The debris will cause respiratory problems for those who have asthma or allergies. So the sooner you take care of these hard-to-see areas, the sooner you’ll start to breathe easily at home.

Your Closet

Dust can build up a ton on your clothes, attaching to the clothing’s fibers and making your entire closet dirty. Especially if you have shelves, your wardrobe is dust’s favorite place to hang out in. Remember to give attention to pieces of clothing that have been sitting alone for a long time, and be sure to brush off even ones you wear often.

Underneath Furniture

Although it seems obvious, many times, it’s easy to forget about all the dust under your furniture. We go for the areas within our eyesight, but these lower spots build up as much debris as on top. Take some extra time to vacuum under here, or move your bed and couches to reach what needs to be cleaned.

Ceiling Fan Blades

They’re so high up, it’s hard to tell! But dust loves to accumulate on your ceiling fan blades over time. What’s even worse is if you don’t give this area proper cleaning, once you turn the power on, dust will fly everywhere! Avoid this by using a broom or vacuum cleaner to reach here, especially before it gets warmer outside and you need to start using your fans.

Air Ducts

Dust and debris love to hang out here. You can tell if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system needs cleaning by doing the following: First, with a screwdriver, remove a floor or wall register. If there is visible dust, dirt, or debris, you should have your ducts cleaned.

Even with proper cleaning and changing quality filters, the HVAC system will still become dirty over time. Have your system inspected every two years to determine whether your system needs to be cleaned again.
Dust and Debris Cleaning on Long Island

Here at Greenpro Cleaning and Restoration, we will explain the causes of your HVAC air duct problems, what can be done to correct them permanently, and provide you with a written estimate. Our goal is to solve your specific situation in the most cost-effective, non-intrusive way possible.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Fast House Cleaning Tips


Cleaning can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Even when you plan to make it a quick chore, it can expand further than you first anticipated. Instead of heading in with no game plan, make it a point to keep some helpful cleaning tips in mind. Here are some great ways to make this chore faster and more efficient:

Tackle 30 Second Chores

No matter the day, you’ll always have at least 30 seconds to spare. And some chores can get done within that time frame if you aim for it! For example, giving visible areas a quick dusting while you can or tossing any old magazines and newspapers. Even rinsing the sink down quickly, or wiping down the counter after cooking. The more often you take care of the little things, the less often they build up into bigger issues.

Invest In the Right Tools

There are cleaning products and gadgets made to cut your chore time in half. Drop the mop and brooms and consider tools that have three-in-one options and are easy to master. It’s all about finding one that works the best for you to utilize in the future without wasting money. Make sure they live up to their promises!

Basics First, Harder Spots Second

It takes a few minutes to get the basics, such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, done. Get these tasks finished first since you know how to tackle them already. Then, focus on the harder to reach areas in each room that don’t get much attention. The more you follow this routine, the faster it will take you overtime to take care of these secret spots.

What’s Next?

While speed cleaning does still get a fair amount of the job done, the reality is that it won’t make your home squeaky clean. It is more about essential maintenance and simple tricks for the end of the day. However, getting your home thoroughly cleaned is entirely possible! With our attic, crawl space, and air duct cleanings, your home will finally feel polished. Our services include:
  • Air duct inspections
  • Breaking and collecting of contaminants
  • Full cleaning and antimicrobial treatments
  • Odor and debris removal
  • Insulation and vapor barrier installation
  • Water damage cleaning

Cleaning and taking care of your home can be a challenge, and it is often best to bring in some professionals to help. Contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration to take care of your ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and water damage needs.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Learning To Love Your Home Again


If you have been living in your current home for years, the look and style can start to become old in your eyes. It’s important to love your home, as well as showing it some extra love this season. There are plenty of ways to get started, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Here are some great ways to give a little extra love at home this season.


With how long everyone has been staying indoors lately, it’s understandable that homes have started to become cluttered with all sorts of items. Now is the time to start getting more organized and taking your space back! Start recycling and getting rid of things you don’t need, as well as donating ones that can be given away. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll be able to love your home again.


Sometimes all it takes to fall in love with your house again is to redecorate! This doesn’t have to mean buying new furniture and repainting every room, though those are options as well. It can mean something as simple as moving things around to give the illusion of a new space. You can also invest in small knick-knacks to decorate each room, as a new theme can bring new life.

Deep Cleaning

Your home deserves an excellent, deep cleaning after years of building up debris and dust in spaces not checked often. This includes your air ducts, attics, and crawl spaces! Each of these spots needs to be maintained annually so that your home can continue to function without issue. Attics and crawl spaces are the largest single cause of low indoor air quality and various moisture-related problems in your home. And your HVAC needs regular cleaning to up its efficiency and longevity.

Cleaning and taking care of your home can be challenging to deal with, and it is often best to bring in some professionals to help. Contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration to take care of your ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and water damage needs.

Friday, February 5, 2021

How To Prevent Asthma Symptoms


People living with asthma know how much a change in season can affect their daily lives, but sometimes they experience increased symptoms even when there has been no seasonal change. What could be causing these issues? There are many probable reasons, all having to do with the inside of your home. Here are some of the most common problems that cause people with asthma to experience more symptoms than usual and how to prevent them. 

Make Dusting a Priority

Dust sticks to everything and travels throughout your whole home. If it’s been a while since you last had a good cleaning day, the dust and debris in the air could become too much. Especially since we’re inside all day, no windows open, heat blasting, not dusting for a long time is a recipe for disaster for allergy and asthma sufferers. Maybe it’s time to start spring cleaning early. 

Get Rid of Debris In Attic or Crawl Space

Over time, your attic and crawl space can become cluttered with debris, bugs, water, and more. These two spots are the largest single cause of low indoor air quality and various moisture-related problems in your home. If you haven’t gotten these areas in your home cleaned or inspected in a while, it might be time to schedule an appointment for a checkup. 

Clean Your Air Ducts

Not only does your home build up a steady accumulation of dust and debris, but your air ducts do as well. In truth, homeowners should get their air ducts cleaned regularly, especially if someone in their household has asthma problems. It’s not only dirt and dust that causes respiratory issues. It’s also:
  • Pets
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Water contamination or damage to the HVAC system
  • Home renovation or remodeling projects
Poor indoor air quality should be addressed right away so that sensitive occupants can start breathing freely again.

Cleaning and taking care of your home so that you can breathe easy again can be challenging to deal with, and it is often best to bring in some professionals to help. Contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration to take care of your ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and water damage needs.