Friday, May 6, 2022

Where to Expect Water Damage in Your Home


You may not be aware of this, but water damage can happen in your home in various places. A common misconception is that only areas like the basement or bathroom are at risk for water damage. However, there are many other places in your home where water can find its way and cause a lot of damage. Here’s a list of spots you should keep your eye on this spring and summer:

The Kitchen

The kitchen has many opportunities for accidental water spills that lead to significant amounts of liquid. Not to mention the many appliances that could have a malfunction or leak and cause some damage to your home. Consider checking under your kitchen sink and dishwasher for any water pooling — this is a clear sign that you may be dealing with water damage.

Around Appliances

It’s not just your dishwasher you need to keep an eye out for! Washing machines, refrigerators, and more are always exposed to the possibility of water leakage because they use water so often.


Unfortunately, water damage can happen very easily in your basement. Homeowners often see flooding or leaks here. This may not seem like an issue at first, but it can cause problems such as mold and mildew, which are no fun for anyone living in the house.

Attics and Crawl Spaces

There are many sources of moisture that can affect your attic or crawlspace. Open vents, lack of a vapor barrier, un-vented appliances, and foundation sidewall penetration can all allow enough moisture to keep the humidity levels excessively high. This, in turn, causes water damage, which odors, bugs, and critters that like damp environments will want to come and invade your space.

If you suspect you have water damage in your home:
  • Do not touch wet or damaged items with bare hands
  • Do not breathe in damp or odorous air
  • Contact a certified water damage repair expert if you suspect a problem

Water Damage Evaluation in Suffolk County

At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we will come test for water damage to ensure you and your family are safe after a rainstorm. If you suspect that there may be a problem in the home or building, call us to schedule your indoor evaluation at 631-940-8100.

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