Monday, November 22, 2021

5 Ways to Stay Environmentally Friendly During the Holiday Season


With all the holidays coming around the corner this month and next, there's a lot of preparation needed! From everything on your shopping list to cleaning your house for guests, it can be easy to forget the importance of staying environmentally friendly all season long. But, we have some great tips to keep in mind this holiday season!

1. Use Reusable Bags

With all the groceries that need to be bought during this season, it's essential to avoid using any plastic or paper bags and break out reusable ones instead. It's the best way to ensure all your shopping ventures are environmentally friendly!

2. Consider Carpooling

When attending a get-together with friends or family, try to carpool to the event to reduce the number of cars driving around the holiday season. Plus, traffic tends to increase around this time, so having fewer cars on the road will help with traffic flow and reduce parking demand.

3. Use Recyclable Wrapping

When finding gift wrapping for the holidays, be sure to keep an eye out for environmentally friendly wrapping that can not only be recycled after the busy season but is also made up of recycled material! SO much waste happens this season due to gift wrapping, so try to do your part to lower your impact on the environment.

4. Invest in Eco-Friendly Decorations

It wouldn't be the holiday season without decorations all over your home. From cute seasonal candles to lights around the house, there are so many eco-friendly decoration options out there to choose. Be sure to read the product information carefully and take a peek at their website to learn more.

5. Use Only Green Cleaning Methods

The hustle and bustle of this season also requires some deep cleaning in your home for when you have family or friends over. So, when it comes time to deep clean your attic, crawl space, air ducts, and more, keep eco-friendly products and services in mind.

And luckily for you, At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we promote healthy living! All of our products are bio-safe, and all of our methods are bio-friendly. We do not use any toxic chemicals, and our cleaning systems produce superior results. At GreenPro Cleaning, we're taking eco-friendly cleaning solutions to a higher standard and strive for cleaner indoor air quality for all of Long Island.

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