Friday, November 12, 2021

3 Winter Decluttering and Organizing Projects


It's easy to feel overwhelmed during the winter season. From holidays to intense weather, homeowners often find themselves unable to keep their homes as organized as they want. Clutter can build up quickly, especially during this upcoming season. So, here are some easy ways to ensure you're able to declutter!

Clean Out Your Closet

Time to switch out your fall clothes and jackets with your winter ones! Clear out all the clothes from your closet and put them in bins by category (shirts, pants, dresses). Then take everything else off of the hangers and fold them neatly on top of one another. You'll notice what items you wear most often when they're at eye level. From there, consider donating anything you don't think you'll wear this season!

Sort Through Papers

Many people have a habit of piling up their mail on the kitchen counter or dining room table until they can find time to go through them. If you don't want these piles taking over your space, be sure to sort through everything before the holiday season.

Tackle Your Coat Closet

It's easy to throw your winter coats and jackets on the nearest chair or surface, but that's what leads to clutter! Hanging up all those jackets and coats will give you more space in your bedroom or living room. Not only that, but they'll be easier to find when heading out!

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