Monday, August 23, 2021

Secret Spots Water Gets In From


When it rains, it pours! And when it pours, not every home is fully prepared to take on that amount of water. Many people are unaware of the different areas in their homes where water can get in. Heavy rain or simply a buildup of condensation on the windows and walls can lead to fast-growing issues for you and your house. These areas can be hard to locate, but it's essential to check these spots for potential leaks with all the recent rain.

The Wall Under Your Window

When it comes to the worst areas for water leaks, windows take the cake. Not only that, but the rain can seep in through the cracks between your window and framing studs, allowing water to flood into the wall under your window. Ever notice weird bubbles popping up in your wallpaper after heavy rains here too? That's not a good sign!

Under Your Siding

The exterior of your home can also be affected by heavy rains— it's not just your interior that you need to worry about water damage for! Any unsealed gaps or cracked areas in your siding allow rain to sneak in underneath, leading to long-term rotting and deterioration.

Around Your Chimney

There are many vulnerable areas on the exterior of your home, such as your chimney, that, if not properly sealed, can lead to roof or structural damage. And it's not just to prevent water damage that this area should be checked; it's so that when you begin to use your fireplace again, you can ensure it's safe to use— with proper ventilation and more.

Behind Drywall

If you have experienced any flooding in your home where water levels rise above the floor level, many issues could ensue after. But, worst of all, any drywall along the lower half of your wall will need to be replaced due to water exposure. Most likely, mold has already started growing behind these areas.

Get in Touch With Us For All Your Water Damage Needs

At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we will come test for water damage to ensure you and your family are safe after severe weather. If you suspect that there may be a problem in the home or building, call us to schedule your indoor evaluation at 631-940-8100.

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