Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Air Duct Cleaning Myths


Air duct cleaning myths have been floating around for quite some time now. Whether it's because of these rumors that you're hesitant to get a cleaning or because you feel it's a waste of time and money, we're here to debunk these untrue air duct cleaning myths that you've heard and make sure you're ready to get a cleaning ASAP!

Myth: It's a Waste of Time and Money

Many people believe that an air duct cleaning is a waste of time and money. They think that because they don't see dust coming out of their vents, there is no need to clean them. However, this couldn't be further from the truth! You may not notice it at first, but accumulated dirt in your air ducts can lead to health problems like asthma or allergies, which are exacerbated by unclean air ducts.

It's not a waste of time or money, considering it helps you and your family stay healthy. It's a regular home maintenance task that should be taken very seriously.

Myth: Different Ducts Need Different Cleanings

Many people believe that with the different types of air ducts, each needs different methods of cleaning. In reality, the kind of air duct in your home does not matter when it comes to how you clean them. The most important thing is the level of dirt and debris on the surface of the filter. This will determine what level of cleaning your ducts need and how it will be done.

Myth: An Air Duct Cleaning Takes a Long Time

A common rumor spread around is that it takes a lot of time to clean your air ducts, but that's not true. Depending on the professional and the severity of the job, it really should only take about 20 minutes, maybe even less. Be sure to speak with the professional cleaning your ducts to get a reasonable time estimate on the project since it can vary.

Myth: It's Easier to do it Yourself

While DIY projects have become very popular in recent years, sometimes it's best to leave the more tough tasks to the professionals. An air duct cleaning can be a particular project type, so it will lessen your stress levels if you leave it to a team that knows the job like the back of their hand!

And luckily for you, the team here at Greenpro Cleaning and Restoration has the best air duct cleaning services to offer!

Air Duct Cleaning On Long Island

Cleaning and taking care of your home so that you can breathe easy again can be challenging to deal with, and it is often best to bring in some professionals to help. Contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration to take care of your ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and water damage needs.

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