Friday, September 25, 2020

Is Fall The Best Time To Get Your Attic Insulated?


Insulating your attic is the best way to ensure your heating stays in and the cold air keeps out. It adds a protective layer to your attic and home and it’s recommended that most homeowners invest in it. However, which season is considered the best time to get insulation installed? Now that it is autumn, here's why you might want to consider insulating your attic:

So, Is Fall The Best Time To Get Your Attic Insulated?

Short answer-- yes! Fall is one of the best seasons because oftentimes the weather isn’t too uncertain. You want to begin having your insulation installed before extreme temperature seasons such as winter and summer. However, with the rain that comes in during spring, it can be a bit too unpredictable to get home projects done. That is why autumn falls right into the perfect weather category for this job. Whether you feel your current insulation needs an upgrade or you are a new homeowner, getting started now is your best bet.

How We Do It

Very often we here at GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration see sub-floor insulation that is installed incorrectly. The two most common problems that usually need to be corrected are:
  • Insulation that is installed upside down.
  • Insulation that is not secured correctly. 
Insulation does play an important part of keeping your attic in a good condition. Not only that, but you need it to protect your home from extreme weather, especially with winter coming up. We can evaluate your current insulation and if the insulation can continue to be used we will tell you. If not, we will discuss the available options to provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution.

At GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration, we can help you get your attic insulated or re-insulated before extreme temperatures come our way. If you suspect that there may be a problem in the home or building, call us to schedule your indoor evaluation at 631-940-8100.

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