Friday, September 27, 2019

Places Where Water Damage Can Go Unseen

In the best-case scenario with water damage, you’re able to spot the damage right away so that you can immediately work on solving the problem. Unfortunately, homeowners aren’t always so lucky. Water damage can occur in places where most of us would completely neglect to check without a reminder, and when that happens, the restoration and repairs can be costly.
Here are some of the places where water damage can hide in your home.
Underneath a Window Air Conditioning Unit
A leaky window air conditioner can cause big problems for the window sill and wall located beneath it. When the air conditioner is working properly, the condensation that it makes while cooling air drains out through a tube the redirects the water outside the house. If this tube becomes clogged or dislodged, the condensation will drain directly down onto whatever is underneath it.
Behind Your Shower/Bathtub Surround
If your shower or bathtub surround is comprised of multiple pieces, it’s important to inspect the caulk between the surround walls and your tub to make sure it’s in good shape. Old, worn caulk allows water to get in the cracks and collect behind your wall, where it can damage the frame of your house.
Behind or Underneath Your Washing Machine
While you may wonder if your washing machine itself is prone to leaking, leaks are much more likely to occur where your washing machine hooks up to the hot and cold water supply lines in your wall. The trouble is that when leaks occur in this location, it’s hard to spot them because your washing machine usually blocks them from view. In the meantime, water starts to collect behind and underneath your appliance, damaging your wall and your floor.
Underneath Your Dishwasher
Your dishwasher is designed to be watertight. However, as its supply line and drain line age, leaks can form in their joints. This results in leaks beneath your dishwasher that can go unseen for years. During this time, the leaking water can damage your subfloor and lead to terrible mold problems.
If you suspect you have water damage in your home…
  • Do NOT touch wet or damaged items with your bare hands.
  • Do NOT breathe in damp or odorous air. Allow your home to air out with open windows and fans.
  • Contact a certified water damage repair expert.
At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we are experts in water damage repair. Contact us today at 631-940-8100.

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