Friday, July 26, 2019

Watch Out for These 4 Attic Issues

Your attic can be a very easy part of your home to overlook, especially if you only visit it every so often for storage purposes. However, even if you don’t use your attic on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to go and inspect it every so often to make sure it’s free of common attic issues.
While most homeowners wouldn’t consider themselves to be home inspection experts, these are some common attic problems that you can spot without any special training.
1. Pest Infestations
Insects and small creatures (including rats, raccoons, and squirrels) can make a comfortable home for themselves in your attic if left undisturbed. When you inspect your attic, be on the lookout for animal droppings or anything that looks like it may have been chewed or clawed, including your attic’s insulation. Rats, in particular, are notorious chewers.
Checking for termite damage is also important. Inspect your attic for weak or hollow wood. If you hear clicking noises, that’s probably the sound of termites chewing.
2. Exposed Electrical Wires
It isn’t unusual or dangerous for your attic to contain electrical wires. However, if those wires have not been properly secured or if their copper has become exposed due to corrosion or pests, those wires can become a safety hazard. If you find exposed or damaged wires in your attic, for your safety, it’s best to contact an electrician to repair and secure the wires.
3. Insulation Problems
Attics are prone to a number of insulation problems. The most common problem is inadequate insulation that ends up causing higher heating and cooling bills. Another problem is damage to insulation from rodents and raccoons that tear it apart to build their homes. In addition, some older homes still contain asbestos, which brings with it a number of health risks. To learn more about the condition of your attic’s insulation and how best to improve it, it’s wisest to consult a professional.
4. Roof Leaks
What starts as a leak in the roof of your attic can eventually become a problem for the rooms below. Water damage from leaks can also contribute to mold and mildew growth, as well as pest infestations.
Bring a good source of light if your attic doesn’t have one already, and inspect the ceiling, beams, and walls. Look for telltale signs such as stains and warped or bubbling spots on the ceiling.
If you suspect that your attic has water damage or if your attic needs to be deep-cleaned, GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration is ready to provide you with an effective, bio-safe solution.

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