Monday, June 24, 2019

How to Prepare Your Home for a Summer Storm

Now that we’re in the season of summer storms, it’s not only important to keep your eye on the weather report but to also prepare your home for what might come well in advance. In order to prevent damage to your home during the worst summer storms, here are 5 important steps you should never forget to complete.
1. Get your roof inspected ahead of time.
Roof leaks are an infamous source of costly water damage. While you can survey parts of your roof from the ground, you won’t be able to get an accurate idea of its condition from that angle and distance. However, trying to traverse your roof without experience and proper training can end up in a trip to the emergency room.
In the end, it’s best to get your roof inspected by a professional, insured roofer. They will be able to spot areas of your roof that might be damaged or otherwise susceptible to leaks.
2. Tie down any outdoor furniture or move it indoors.
Gusts of wind can blow outdoor furniture across your yard, damaging your home and your landscaping. In some cases, particularly strong gusts can even carry your furniture into the yard of a neighbor and cause damage to their home. Furniture might even strike a person who happens to be outside, causing them serious injury.
If you know a storm or strong winds are headed your way, make sure to tie down your outdoor furniture or move it into the garage or basement.
3. Get your trees trimmed.
This is especially important if trees are hanging over your roof or touching your home. Stormy conditions can cause their branches (or even the whole tree) to scrape against your home or collapse on it. Also, be sure to throw away loose branches and debris. Just like unsecured furniture, fallen branches and debris can injure people or damage homes when carried by the wind.
4. Ensure your gutters are clean and securely attached to your home.
Your gutters won’t be able to steer water away from your home if they’re clogged with leaves and other debris. Make sure that they are completely debris-free and that they aren’t loose or wobbly anywhere.
5. Stock up on sandbags to redirect water, if necessary.
Sometimes your yard’s drainage system cannot adequately handle torrents of summer rain. This results in flooding across your property. Sandbag walls are useful for redirecting water away from your home so that you can avoid water damage. Keep plenty on hand, just in case!
If you suspect that your home might have water damage after a summer storm, it’s important to get your home evaluated at once. At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we perform visual surveys to check the fungal ecology or problems in a specific area as directed. If there is a problem with water damage, we can help you address it.

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