Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Steps in Dryer Fire Prevention

A fixture in almost every United States household, clothes dryers are one of the most used household appliances. 

Properly used and maintained dryer provides the efficiency required to run our busy households. With additional features such as steam and wrinkle release, the clothes dryer has been gaining new prominence as a tool in clothing maintenance.

Your clothes dryer also has a potential dark side. Used improperly or installed incorrectly, a dryer can become a fire hazard. Lack of maintenance will also increase a dryers risk of fire. This hazard isn’t uncommon either, fire research data provided by the National Fire Protection Association indicates that clothes dryers are responsible for one out of every four household fires. Clearly, dryer fire prevention is something all homeowners need to address.

The good news is that dryer fires can be easily prevented. Proper installation, including the establishment good airflow from your dryer and using properly rated ventilation materials is critical in fire safety. Never using the clothes dryer to dry either combustible materials or chemically saturated clothes is also an important fire avoidance step. By taking addressing those two simple things, you will have deftly averted two of the three leading causes of dryer fires.

The third primary cause of dryer fires, lint build-up, is readily solved by the regular cleaning your dryer’s lint filters. It is also recommended that a homeowner use a duct cleaning company, such as GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration, to routinely clean the ductwork and exhaust vents of debris and lint. By habitually having the ducts and vents in your home cleaned, you will reduce your homes risk of an in-duct fire by a substantial amount.

Servicing Norfolk and Suffolk counties, GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration can provide ecological cleaning solutions for both homeowners and businesses. 

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