Monday, February 12, 2018

The Five Things You Should Not Store In Your Attic

The Five Things You Should Not Store In Your Attic

The attic is very popular for storing things, especially things we do not need at the moment. Unfortunately, an attic also becomes a death trap. Why? Homeowners assume they can store just about anything in an attic, which is not true. Here are 5 things that should not be stored in your attic and why.

1) Do you have any delicate fabrics in the house, such as cotton? Your favorite cotton shirts and summer linens will gather an infestation of moths. Do you have any leather jackets that need to be stored? Leather goods require a cool climate for maximum preservation. The attic is the last place you want to store them.

2) How many homeowners like to store wood and upholstered furniture in the attic? Wood will mildew. Upholstered furniture will gather moisture when kept there too long. Plush toys will also gather moisture, suffocate, and die. You may want to get rid of any plush toys you do not need. Give them to charity, or sell them online. Plush toys have feelings, too.

3) Do you have important papers you are storing in the attic? You need to go through them and get rid of what you do not need anymore. Papers and documents left there will gather moisture, get moldy, and deteriorate.

4) Electronic equipment is also susceptible to excessive heat and water. The water builds up, becoming a danger to everyone in the house, which increases your chances of a fire starting.

5) Some attics have heat sources inside. Look around your attic. Are there any papers, candles, or kerosene near a vent? Vents are an open invitation for a fire to start.

An example

You are using your stove to cook downstairs. The heat from the stove is traveling to every vent in your home, including the attic. What do you have in the attic that is vulnerable? Do you have old papers near the bent on your attic? Those papers may be old and moldy without you knowing it. The heat will connect with the moisture, increasing the chances of a fire happening in your home.

Do the math. Clean up your attic. You can find more information on this site GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration.

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