Friday, July 1, 2022

Common Insulation Issues


The insulation in your home can greatly impact your comfort and utility bills, as well as the environment, so you want to ensure that it’s in good shape. You may not even be aware of many common insulation issues, but here are the most common reasons why your insulation might need replacing or updating.

Fire Risks with Inadequate Fire Retardant Materials

When choosing insulation for your home, you want to ensure that it will protect your property from fire and damage. There are a few different options for insulating, such as fiberglass batts or rolls of material used in blown-in insulation. Be sure to choose the right product for your needs so you can keep the risks low in your home.

Improper Ventilation, Regulations, or Permits

Installing insulation without proper ventilation can cause deadly carbon monoxide in your home. Before you buy, hire a professional to ensure your house meets all local, state, and federal codes regarding safe insulation installation.

If it doesn’t, an added cost may be necessary to make your new insulation safe before installing it. But it’s worth paying for peace of mind that you won’t later be faced with a house full of poison gas or even a total collapse.

Attic Stairway Blockage That Leads to Mold Growth

The attic stairway can become a perfect hiding place for dust, dirt, and insulation. When these particles collect into a single area, they have nowhere to go but down, landing on your insulation below. This is one of the most common causes of mold growth in many attics. If you see that there’s no insulation on some or all of your attic stairs, call a professional to come and clean up any existing mold.

Outside Air Leaks Into Attic Spaces

If your home’s insulation has been properly installed, there should be no gaps where air can leak into an attic space. However, homes are not always insulated properly during construction. Over time, even if installed correctly, it can deteriorate and lose its ability to block outside air from entering a home through leaks.

When it comes to your insulation system, if you can feel a draft coming through a wall or window, then outside air may be entering your home in areas you didn’t know about before.

Vapor Insulation Installations For Suffolk County

At Greenpro Cleaning and Restoration, we want to help you protect your home for the long run. We’ll be sure to install a vapor barrier that lasts and provides your home with the protection and comfort it needs.

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