Thursday, December 9, 2021

Cold Weather Issues That Lead to Water Damage


When people think of water damage, usually their minds are immediately taken to the harsh rain we get in spring and summer. Truthfully, many water damage issues are caused by the external forces of those seasons! However, that doesn’t mean that other seasons won’t cause problems as well. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have water damage in your home, and here are the red flags you need to look out for:

Frozen Pipes

In the wintertime, frozen pipes are one of the most common sources of water damage. And, from here, the pipes can burst and cause water to sneak in through your walls or floors. The best way to prevent this is by properly insulating your home and sealing any cracks or holes in your foundation or outside walls — especially the areas near your pipes!

Melting Snow

After a good snowstorm, your home can be covered head to toe with this icy white blanket that’s just waiting to give you issues. As the days go on, all that snow is bound to melt. And, as the snow melts, it can seep into your house’s foundation and get in through your roof or siding. Check your basement and attic often during the winter to ensure no water is getting in.

Ice Dams

With the curve of your roof, snow or water tends to always build up around one area (usually right at the edge). With the heat of your home warming the snow above and this snow blocking the border, it causes water back up. This, of course, leads to water pooling or leaking in spots it’s not supposed to.

To prevent trouble this season, ensure that your gutters and downspouts are properly maintained and cleaned. Not only that, but it’s essential that you insulate your attic — since the heat from your home really shouldn’t be reaching up there. Your attic should be airtight, with no possible openings to cause the snow to melt even faster!

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