Thursday, September 9, 2021

Water Damage Facts and Myths


The question is not if your home will ever experience water damage, but when. Water damage is one of the most common home disasters, but some homeowners don't know what to do when it happens. Many myths surround this type of home damage, but many are not true.

We have some of the top myths and facts about water damage so that you can enter the rest of this hurricane season prepared!

Preventative Measures

Myth: All types of water damage are preventable.

Fact: The truth is that some water damage incidents are unavoidable. Flooding, for example, has many causes, including natural disasters like storms or accidents like broken pipes. Be sure to keep an eye out in vulnerable areas such as under your sink or near appliances so you know when an issue has occurred.

Standing Water

Myth: Many believe it's not too bad if you have standing water in your basement or crawlspace.

Fact: Standing water is dangerous because mold spores may grow on the walls, flooring, ceiling tiles, and insulation. The moisture content can also cause these materials to rot, which could cause issues with your home's foundation.

Isolated Water Issues

Myth: The flood only happened in one room, so it's just an isolated incident.

Fact: Just because the flood was isolated, it does not mean that the water damage stayed only in that room. Water is sneaky! It can seep into other parts of your home undetected for hours before it's noticed, which makes water damage very hard to detect and easy to forget.

Waiting Period

Myth: You can wait before hiring a restoration company after flooding or other incidents.

Fact: Waiting could cause more problems, like mold growth and additional structural damages. If there is any visible standing water in your home, you should call for help right away so that professional cleanup services can come to solve the problem before it builds and gets even worse.

Get in Touch With Us For All Your Water Damage Needs

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