Thursday, May 13, 2021

Can The Heat Ruin Items in My Attic?


The summer heat can be tough on the human body, but it also significantly impacts items in your attic. We all know that heat rises and accumulates in an attic during the summertime. If you have valuables stored up there, such as heirlooms or photographs, then they could be at risk of being ruined by the heat. Here are the kinds of items that are more vulnerable and how to avoid future damage.

In Short, Yes The Heat Can Ruin Items in Your Attic

But what exactly is in danger of being ruined?
  • Keep An Eye on Furniture: You may notice that your old furniture is getting more faded and sun-damaged than usual. The temperature in an attic reaches upwards of 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, which will ruin any fabric or wood in there within just a few hours!
  • Holiday Decorations Aren't That Safe: If you notice that your holiday snow globes start to lose liquid over time or your decorations start to fade, it could be due to the heat of summer. Make sure everything of value is sealed up tight before sitting up there.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Many things could potentially be ruined by hot weather. These include plastic materials, photos and negatives, electronics, and anything stored on top of an attic floor or even in a garage with no air conditioning. This is because there's little airflow from below, so everything can get overheated!

How To Prevent These Issues

As the summertime approaches, many people are starting to clean their homes. And this year, make sure you prioritize cleaning your attic! Many people will store some or all of their belongings in their attic because there's limited space on the ground floor. As a result, everything gets cluttered, and it becomes hard to keep individual items safe. Take some time to declutter your attic, allowing room for more air to circulate.

Not only that but now would be an ideal time to get a full-service attic cleaning. Our free inspection will involve a thorough examination of your attic, both inside and out. We will explain the causes of your problems, what can be done to correct them permanently, and provide you with a written estimate. Our goal is to solve your specific situation in the most cost-effective, non-intrusive way possible.

Attic and Crawlspace Cleaning on Long Island

Cleaning and taking care of your home can be challenging to deal with, and it is often best to bring in some professionals to help. Contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration to take care of your ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and water damage needs.

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