Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Go Green For St. Patrick's Day


Soon it will be time to celebrate the luck of the Irish, and do you know what follows soon after that? The celebration of our planet on Earth Day! Why not combine the two this spring and work on some positive habits that will promote green living. It's time to start adding some environmentally-friendly routines into your life and consider what kind of an impact you have on this beautiful world. Here are some easy ways to go green this season!

Invest in Reusable Bags

The popularity of plastic and paper bags at grocery stores and shopping centers has long passed, but there are still instances where they are used. We highly recommend you invest in reusable bags for everything! They can be washed and even personalized to match your personality. All in all, it's a great way to keep this planet free of plastic waste.

Recycle Used Bottles

We all know that Saint Patrick's Day is the day for celebrating through spirits and good fun, but make sure you dispose of those empty bottles properly after drinking them! Find a recycling center near you or a local store that takes care of recycling for you and brings everything there. There's no need to throw leftover bottles in your regular garbage can.

Hire Green Services

When doing work on your home or business, be sure to research which services offer environmentally friendly supplies and methods. And if you're looking for some green air duct cleanings and more, look no further than with us! At GreenPro Cleaning & Restoration, we promote healthy living! When it comes to the ecosystem, our earth-friendly approach sets us apart from the rest. All of our products are bio-safe, and all of our methods are bio-friendly. We do not use any toxic chemicals, and our cleaning systems produce superior results.

At GreenPro Cleaning, we're taking eco-friendly cleaning solutions to a higher standard and strive for cleaner indoor air quality for all of Long Island. We believe that by respecting the environment, we promote a healthy, safe, and clean area for your home, workplace, and life.

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