Friday, November 13, 2020

Common Home Superstitions


When it comes to superstitions, there’s something for everything and everyone. Not many people know this, but there are a few common home superstitions that have been passed around for years and years. For all you curious homeowners out there, here are some of the most popular stories and what they bring. 

Opening An Umbrella Inside

This is one of the oldest standing superstitions in western culture we have. Even at a young age, children are told to never open their umbrellas indoors. The idea comes from stories dating back to ancient times, where it is said that the spirits or guardians protecting your home will be deeply offended if you open your umbrella indoors, since you are implying that their protection from the rain isn’t enough. Wherever the story comes from, just make sure they are only used outdoors! 

Don’t Clean At Night

This isn’t as well known, but it’s recommended that you never clean at night. The story goes that you are essentially sweeping away your good luck, leaving only bad luck to remain. Not only that, but how can you clean properly if you can’t really see? Seems like a win-win to leaving the dusting to the daytime anyways! 

Holiday Cheers With Water

In many cultures, it’s seen as very bad luck to cheers with just water in your cup. And with the holidays coming up, you’ll want to remember this one. It’s said to be an omen that wishes bad luck not only on you, but to whoever you clinked glasses with. It can even foretell some kind of unfortunate event having to do with water or drowning, so be careful this season!

Do Not Place Hats on Your Bed

This superstition isn’t often heard of, but it’s one that gets a good amount of homeowners nervous. It’s said that if you place your hat on your bed at the end of the day, you are allowing evil spirits to spill out and disrupt your sleep-- or worse. It stems from the shock you can get when touching a knitted hat in a dry and warm environment, since people didn’t understand static electricity back in the day!

With all these superstitions to worry about, how will you keep your home well maintained? Well, at GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration, we can help you with attic and crawl space cleaning, insulation, and protection. If you suspect that there may be a problem in your home or building, call us to schedule your indoor evaluation at 631-940-8100.

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