Thursday, June 25, 2020

4 Critters That Might Be Hiding in Your Crawlspaces

Rodents and bugs and animals, oh my! Underneath the deepest parts of your crawlspace you could have some very unwanted company. Many of these critters create homes for themselves underneath here, many that could eventually make their way into your home. But, what exactly could be living in your crawlspace?

1. Mice and Rats

These little rodents love making homes in places that are dark and small, so your crawlspace is often the perfect spot. If they go unnoticed, in time, they might make their way into your home through your pipes.

2. Spiders

Are spiders a current occurrence in your home? Your crawlspace could be to blame. These little critters not only multiply rather quickly, but they can often go unnoticed before it becomes an even bigger infestation.

3. Possums

These little guys may not seem like much of a threat, but they carry many different kinds of dangerous diseases with them. Since they like to set up home in damp, dark areas, your crawlspace is the perfect set up. It’s important to stay away from one if you see it, since they are known to bite or scratch at people.

4. Raccoons

Since it’s an area that offers much protection, raccoons might opt to hang out under your crawlspace from time to time. These little animals tend to cause more harm than you realize, since they like to tear at your insulation.

What Do I Do Now?

Don’t let these critters make themselves comfortable! If your crawlspace is overrun with bugs and rodents, contact GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration. We can help you get your crawlspace in tip-top shape in no time.

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