Monday, December 16, 2019

What Happens When You Don't Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

Your furnace is part of one of the most expensive and integral systems in your home, your central heating and cooling (HVAC) system. Because the HVAC system controls not only the internal temperature of your home but also the air quality and humidity, it is crucial to maintain your equipment properly.
One of the most common and easy ways to maintain the system is by changing the air filter regularly. Neglecting to change your air filter routinely can cause many different problems.
Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters
The air filter prevents various air pollutants from entering your HVAC system by trapping them. Things like dust, pollen, pet dander, and other common particles can quickly clog an air filter. If the air filter gets too dirty, it will disrupt the flow of air through your heating and cooling system.
Without adequate airflow, your HVAC equipment will have to work much harder just to maintain your desired temperature. If the unit is forced to work harder and run longer, the next inevitable consequence will be much higher energy bills. In the meantime, your indoor air quality will also decline, as pollutants detach from your air filter and start circulating through your air ducts and into your home. For those with respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma, this can be especially problematic.
Additionally, if your HVAC equipment has to work harder to compensate for poor airflow, its components will suffer premature wear and tear, shortening the system’s lifespan. One typical example of this is frozen evaporator coils or even a broken air blower. After extended periods of wear and tear, the damage to the unit will eventually cause it to break down.
Ultimately, the cost of not regularly replacing an air filter can end up being thousands of dollars. The simplest and most efficient way to maintain your HVAC system is to replace the air filter as a regular part of your home's maintenance.
HVAC specialists recommend that you replace the air filter at least every 30 to 90 days. Some manufacturers will make different recommendations based on the ability of their product, so be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations.
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