Thursday, November 14, 2019

Big and Small Ways to Make Your Home Warmer and Cozier

You’re tired of constantly being cold at home, but on the other hand, you’re also worried about your energy costs. Is there a way to feel warm and cozy at home without having to contend with a monster heating bill at the end of each month?
Yes! In fact, here are six adjustments and improvements you can make around the house to feel warmer and lower your utility costs simultaneously.
1. Cover your crawl space floor.
If your crawl space floor is nothing but dirt, it could be making your home a lot colder than you realize. As warm air rises through your home, cool air from your cold, damp crawl space moves in to fill its place. This is known as the stack effect. Covering your crawl space floor with a vapor barrier will not only prevent cold air from entering into your home, but it will also prevent mold and moisture issues.
2. Seal your windows and doors.
To lower your energy bills, invest in some caulk and weatherstripping! Weatherstripping prevents drafts from sneaking in and out through the gaps between doors and their frames. Weatherstripping also works for windows that you intend to open and close. You can use caulk for windows that are not made to be opened.
3. Make sure your air vents are exposed and open.
Sometimes air vents end up hidden away under a rug or behind a piece of furniture. Inspect your home to make sure that none of the air vents are covered up. Also, make sure that the registers over the vents are open. Closing registers in specific rooms to try to control your home’s temperature will create pressure issues and inhibit your HVAC system’s ability to heat your home effectively.
4. Keep window coverings open during the day.
If you have rooms that get a lot of sunlight, take full advantage! Leaving the curtains or blinds drawn will allow the sun to warm up the room. Not only will your heater get some help, but you can cut down on your lighting costs as well with some of that free illumination.
5. Close window coverings at night.
Your house had a chance to warm up during the day. Once the sun goes down, you’ll want to keep as much of that warmth inside as possible! Close all of your curtains and blinds to prevent heat loss during the night. Thermal curtains are especially effective for retaining heat and can make a room feel a few degrees warmer than it would with only standard curtains.
6. Invest in proper insulation for your home.
When your home was built, it may have contained top-of-the-line insulation at the time. However, the insulation available today may be much more effective than what you have currently. Check out ENERGY STAR’s website to see what the recommended insulation R-Value is for your region of the U.S., and consult an expert about possible upgrades.
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