Monday, July 23, 2018

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines, What Are They?

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines, What Are They?

Our homes are a representation of ourselves. They are a symbol of pride and for many a standing reminder of the American dream. It is a place of solitude and respite from the busy world around us. When we are sick, we stay there to get well. We relish the comfort of our abodes by keeping them clean and creating a safe environment.

A part of cleaning the home is the air quality. Replacing the air filters in our furnaces is great, but all homes, especially if it was occupied by prior residents, need the air ducts cleaned. GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration provides a process that follows the ASHRAE guidelines.

ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Their goal is to use education and technology to advance sustainable HVAC-R practices worldwide. Reducing the carbon footprint while preserving precious resources is the focus of ASHRAE and the worldwide global initiative.

Why Should I Choose GreenPro Cleaning and Restoration?

One glance at the website at and you’ll see the reason the company is called GreenPro.

• Uses Only Bio-Safe and Bio-Friendly Products

Harsh chemicals like ozone and chemical biocides are often used to kill fungi and bacteria lurking in the air ducts after they are cleaned. These harsh chemicals have been proven to cause respiratory problems and can harm small children, including the unborn.

• Entire HVAC system cleaning

GreenPro understands the importance of a healthy environment inside your home or business. They will not show up with a large hose and get right to work. There is an inspection process, then an entire cleaning of the HVAC system. What is the point of cleaning the ductwork and the filter if you are going to blow dirt back into them once your system is turned on?

• Keeping Up with EPA Standards

GreenPro thoroughly cleans the HVAC system and applies an anti-microbial treatment to sanitize and disinfect only on nonporous surfaces. Only products that are registered as safe with the EPA are used. The EPA provides an air duct cleaning checklist for consumers. GreenPro provides all ten requirements with each service call.

For a complete, environmentally safe, and thorough air duct cleaning company contact GreenPro at (631) 940-8100 or visit the website at to see all of our services and schedule a consultation. Don’t leave your family’s health in just anyone’s hands.

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