Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Places You Missed During Spring Cleaning

Summer is here, which means it is time for summer gatherings! Which means guests are coming over. It’s time to get the place cleaned up and ready for family and friends.  How was your spring cleaning this year? Is your home spotless? Well, just in case you’re falling a little behind on home upkeep, here is a small checklist to follow along with spots to clean in your home.

Sconces, chandeliers, and another lighting

An easy to misplace when cleaning up the place are the lights above. We get so focused on cleaning the ground, the counters, arranging the furniture, picking up the kid’s toys, that we forget about the lights. Grab a step stool and take a quick look at your lights. They may be covered in dust and need cleaning. This way, if guests take a look at your chandelier or your living room lamps, they don’t see a layer of dust covering the lightbulbs or the lampshade.

Kitchen cabinets

As we said above, people normally get carried away with a lot of the things in front of them. If your cabinets aren’t white, you may glance over them and not think much of them. Upon looking closer, you’ll see fingerprints, handprints, marks, and splashes on regularly opened cabinet doors. Also, behind the door itself, where it connects with its frame. Double take that portion and give it a good cleaning. No need for a guest to open a cabinet and by chance grab one that is stuck to its frame from some mystery grime.  


In the same area, we have our backsplash in the kitchen. The wall behind your stove and countertops. Most of the time, this area is also under your cabinets. The backsplash is the place where all the foods you cook on your stove top end up. All the splashes of bits and grease. We get focused on cleaning counters and forget to do a double take on this place. Believe us; it’s dirty. Take a looksie and get to cleaning. Chances are, you may have missed this whole area.

Small appliances

Sometimes when we get small appliances, there isn’t room in our kitchen cabinets to store them. So what happens? They end up on the counter as our new fancy kitchen decoration! The problem is, these items are often missed when it comes to cleaning. Just because we haven’t used our awesome KitchenAid mixer recently, doesn’t mean we should pass it up when it comes to cleaning. You may have a layer of dust or leftover food bits hanging out around your toaster oven, mixer, electric can opener, etc.

We hope this list was able to serve you as a handy checklist and a reminder about some of the most commonly missed places when it comes to cleaning up your kitchen. Let us know if anything on this list is something you forget a lot or let us know if there is anything we have missed ourselves. Remember, you could also improve the quality of your in-home air by contacting us about our air duct cleaning services here at GreenPro. Contact us today. 

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