Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What is Causing my Crawl Space to be Odorous?

Resolving Crawl Space Odor

If you own a home you know it seems there are always a few mysteries that need solving when working home maintenance as the years go by. For people who have crawl spaces, there can be more than a few mysteries that seem a bit evasive to fix because crawl spaces are not as readily accessible as basements. Because of this, problems can occur that seem to be a bit of a mystery that you need to solve over the years.

One of the bigger concerns arises when an odor arises out of a crawl space in a home. Because the area is smaller and more difficult to get to, the issue on how to resolve can be troublesome. There are a few things that can cause an odor in a crawl space. No matter what the problem is it should be dealt with quickly so that the problem does not worsen. The three primary concerns for a crawl space odor are:

Standing Water And Contaminants

If the crawl space area has a seeping water problem, whether it is because of cracked pipes, seeping water from underground or extensive rain, water can grow mildew and standing water often grows bacteria which can be very unhealthy. The fumes from this can permeate to the main portion of the house and should be taken care of so Mold does not begin to grow into the main portion of the house through floor boards and walls. This should be cleaned thoroughly and the water seepage location should be sealed off and repaired.

Propane Or Natural Gas

If there is a sulfur smell or chemical smell, this is a sign that your Natural Gas or Propane Gas has a leak in a piping system and this should be taken care of immediately. Natural gas is a hazard and can cause fire, explosion, toxic air and death. Because of this, if your home uses Propane or Natural Gas that is piped in through your crawl space area, you should open windows and doors to let fresh air into the home right away. Then you should contact a technician immediately and turn off your Propane or Natural gas source.

Wild Animals

One of the more common problems for property owners with a crawl space is an animal that gets trapped in the space. These animals can be alive or dead and can cause a bit of an odor problem either way. Animal feces and certain wild animals can cause an odor situation in the home. The first concern is getting the animal removed by a wildlife professional. Once this is done, it is advisable to get a cleaning company to come in and clean the area of any remaining odor causing problems. The area should be resealed properly to make sure no more animals enter the crawl space.

Having a crawl space with odors from animals or from water seepage can be difficult but rest assured that our professionals at Go Green Pro Cleaning can help you restore your crawl space back to a safe clean environment. For more information go to 
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