Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Common Myths About Mold, and the Facts Behind Them

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the health effects of household mold. Some argue that it’s perfectly harmless and has been hyped a few bad cases, while other believe it is hazardous no matter the size or type.

Hopefully, this article will help clear up your misconceptions by debunking some of the most common myths surrounding mold and mildew.

Myth: Cheese is mold and people eat that, so it can’t be harmful

Fact: There are over 300,000 types of mold, most of which are harmful
While yes, many of us eat – and love – cheese, those are just a handful of safe molds, and are completely different than the kind that grow in your home.

Myth: I have a clean home, there can’t be mold here

Fact: Even the cleanest of homes can have mold
Mold only needs three things to grow: oxygen, moisture and food (such as dust or dirt). Even the cleanest homes can unknowingly have mold growing within walls or underneath carpets.

Myth: Killing mold is enough; I don’t need to remove it

Fact: The best way to eliminate mold is to physically remove it
Despite what many think, cleaning mold with bleach is not the best nor safest way to eliminate it. Even in dead mold, there are toxins that can continue spreading throughout your home. The best way to clear your home of mold is by eliminating it. A professional service is usually the best way to go, as they know how to properly remove the mold and discard of it according to EPA regulations.

Myth: Toxic or black mold is the only bad mold

Fact: Visible household mold is unhealthy
Aside from cheese in the fridge, any mold in your home is bad mold. While some mold is worse than others, they are all harmful in some way, and if left untreated can develop into toxic mold.

Myth: Mold is natural so it can’t be that harmful

Fact: Mold can ruin your health and home
Due to the recent boom in organic and all natural foods, many people have assumed natural is synonymous with healthy, but that is not the case with mold. Mold is very dangerous if inhaled for long periods of time, and can eat away at your home or building.

Myth: I can get rid of mold myself

Fact: Certain molds require safety equipment and professional cleaning
Cleaning a small spot here and there may be fine, but tackling dangerous types of mold alone can be detrimental to your health. For serious mold infestations, you need protective gear, air purifying systems, special cleaning solutions, and much more.

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