Friday, March 4, 2016

Common Crawl Space Problems

As Long Island's premier crawl space cleaning service for the past decade, we have seen our fair share of issues. Many crawl spaces are built on dirt floors, and most homeowners tend to neglect them. When this happens several problems can occur, such as these.


High humidity tends to be the most common problem in crawl spaces. If you do not have a vapor barrier installed, moisture from the ground can evaporate into your crawl space. Warm air from the outside also enters your crawl during the summer months, which leads to even higher humidity levels. The real problem with excess moisture is that it leads to the other problems listed below.


Many creepy crawlies are attracted to dark, humid climates. Your crawl space fits this description perfectly. An insect infestation isn't just gross, but some kinds of bugs (such as termites) can actually cause structural damage to your home.


Mold can grow virtually anywhere moisture is present, and your crawl space is no exception. Mold can compromise the structural integrity of your home and make your family sick. It is believed that more than half of the air you breathe on the first floor comes from your crawl space; you don't want that air to be contaminated with mold spores.

Rotting Wood

Fungal growth eats away at wood, deteriorating it to the point where it may eventually disintegrate. You can see how mold can quickly become a serious problem if it is growing on your home's support beams. If you notice mold growing in your crawl space, call a professional service to remove it immediately.

If you live in Long Island and are experiencing any of these problems, contact the crawl space cleaning professionals at Green Pro Cleaning & Restoration. We serve all of Nassau and Suffolk County, and only use environmentally-friendly products to get the job done. Call us at (631) 940-8100 for a free quote.

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